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asalamu alykum ....i was a bad guy but my life took some turn when i met Mufti Ayoub Sahib who has been given Ijazah by hazart peer zulfkar i regularly pray and do zikir .But the thing that is hurting me is that i masturbate two times from the last two months.i have a beard and people think that i am molvi sahib but they don't know the reality .i am now having an intension to cut my beard beacuse those people who don't keep beard are better than me.i think that i can never change .i don't tell my peer sahib  because he is so pious that i am afraid to tell him such thing.i myself want to be a pious person but a that is the thing that is stopping me...i love Darul uloom deoband so much ..please for the sake of ALLAH help me and tell me that hoe can i CHANGE

Wallekum As Salaam!

First of all understand it was due to the Almighty Allah's mercy and blessing that your life
took a turn for good.

And whom ever you met is only a coincidence as per the will of the Almighty Allah, hence be
thankful to the Almighty Allah.

Coming to masturbation, it is but natural for young teenagers and young men to masturbate to
release the extra energy in the body during this age.

It is not a sin, but having control over it can help you in your will power over other sins
in your life.

I suggest that you take up some physical activities either by going to Gym or playing physical
exerting game/sport to burn the extra energies that may decrease the masturbation periodicity
gradually and control over it finally.

Regarding sporting  a beard, it is not stamp that who ever sport a beard are correct and do not
commit sins.

It is up to you to sport a beard for fashion or whatever for, but in the Koran it is mentioned
as obligatory on Muslims.

In my opinion as educated individuals we all can learn about Islam by reading and studying the
Koran in the best language we understand rather depending on Moulvi's like people who are not

May the Almighty Allah have mercy on us to forgive our sins and guide us all to the true path
of Islam as per the Koran.


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