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I saw a cricket match on tv and due to that I forgot to pray(due to the excitation)...then I began to think that I should give up watching cricket,as it has caused me to forget to pray...and maybe I should give up all the things that cause me to forget prayer(the excitating or thorough mental engagement stuff)...but a thought also comes in my mind that some work may also cause one to forget his prayer(useful work) so one should give up that work too?...The Prophet(PBUH) also gave up a garment with an ornamented border as it distracted him from salah...and also a muslim should never give up the remembrance of mind is confused please answer if possible from authentic sources and with clearity(including what I should do?)

You do not have to give up any such things. Distraction is part of the process of remembering Allah otherwise you will be an angel but you are human. So pray when you can and enjoy life.

28:77 "But seek, with the (wealth) which Allah has bestowed on thee, the Home of the Hereafter, nor forget thy portion in this world: but do thou good, as Allah has been good to thee, and seek not (occasions for) mischief in the land: for Allah loves not those who do mischief."


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