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QUESTION: I had dreams of angels and one used to talk to me  in my dreams every night. I also used to see handwriting as if it were Allah communicating with me.

I was told I had a special purpose in life but later, I was told that I had failed Allah, failing test after test. I was told that I used to be a wonderful wonderful girl but that I had failed in passing tests recently.

I have failed a lot. I used to be guided in dreams but I failed to follow the guidance and I failed others three times and then, committed shirk and even after that, Allah forgave me with conditions.

I then failed again, losing my temper and saying horrible things after I saw a bad dream. I apologised later but it was too late.

I need to know how to tell Allah that I am sorry and that I lacked wisdom and to ask him to make me WISE and sort out my life situation so that I can live a good and purposeful life as a good Muslim.

I asked for years for wisdom and yet, I behaved foolishly and destroyed the good thing that Allah wanted to bring into my life. I don't know why Allah didn't answer my prayer and make me wise because if I had been wise, I would have passed the tests.

I would like to ask strong Muslims to pray on my behalf that Allah will forgive me and restore my good name ( was slandered and framed) and my life to me permanently and grant me WISDOM so that I can live a  that pleases him Insha'Allah and not fail him or others again.

ANSWER: Bismillahir-Rahmanir-Rahim (In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful)


Dear Sister,

So here we have a mixture of good and bad deeds. Its very simple.

mixing of good deeds and bad deeds

[Quran 9:102] And (there are) others who have acknowledged their sins, they have mixed a deed that was righteous with another that was evil. Perhaps Allah will turn unto them in forgiveness. Surely, Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.

[Quran 9:103] Take Sadaqah from their wealth in order to purify them and sanctify them with it, and Pray for them. Verily, your Salat (prayers) are a Sakan (security) for them; and Allah is All-Hearer, All-Knower.

[Quran 9:104] Know they not that Allah accepts repentance from His servants and accepts the Sadaqat (charity), and that Allah alone is the One Who forgives and accepts repentance, Most Merciful.

[Quran 66:8] O you who believe! Turn to Allah (God) with sincere repentance: In the hope that your Lord will remove from you your ills and admit you to Gardens beneath which Rivers flow,- the Day that Allah (God) will not permit to be humiliated the Prophet and those who believe with him. Their Light will run forward before them and by their right hands, while they say, "Our Lord! Perfect our Light for us, and grant us Forgiveness: for you have power over all things."


Its my duty to help those in need. You are free to ask as many questions as you like.

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why is islam the best religion - 15point explanation

love affairs & Islam


( Note: I am not a mufti, if you are in doubt or want 100% accuracy please verify the above hadith with an authentic personality. However I have not altered any hadith and presented it as and how it was found. May Allah forgive our mistakes from time to time...ameen.)

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QUESTION: I was told that Allah was really angry with me because I phoned a psychic and brought danger into the life of myself and my mother. I was also told that I was bad tempered and let Allah down each time I lost my temper.

I prayed for forgiveness for four months and then, I saw the words, " I am with you," in my dream.

I also used to have someone talking to me in my dreams telling me to be "kind, sweet and diplomatic," and to think about how I treat my parents and to forgive.

I was told to do ibadaah and ask for help with a couple of things.

I started to do this but then, one day, I had a dream of some people saying horrible things about me and wanting to harm me and I woke up in the morning and said the most awful things and after that, I was rebuked in my  dream by the angel who had been talking to me in my sleep and she left me and told me that from now on, I would live an ordinary life.

I had someone stalking me in my home from the Sylheti Bangladeshi community who works for people who worship Iblis and he is complicit in them using chemical attacks on people. I was nearly blinded and other things happened to me because of his invasion of my home.

I also had deep seated anger towards these people because they brought filth into my life. I was called a prostitute by some disgusting gang members who have never met me and don't know me. They were evil.

They also then started stalking me in my own home. They were hateful and so I became angry and hateful at the violation of my privacy. I was a teacher and everywhere I went, people made disgusting noises and comments around me because of these despicable people.

Another group had relatives pretending to be Muslims but working in brothels with illegal immigrant women who were being abused.

they made me out to be a terrorist and an illegal immigrant because they shared my ID with others.

I had also been molested by people from the Sylheti Bangladeshi community when I was a teenager and even a CHILD. This happened FOUR times with four different people.

I had developed hatred for these people and this was exacerbated when I saw how my Mother was bullied by one of them in her workplace and when I suffered corruption at their hands as a teenager.

I went to university and became a teacher and I was happy with my life, teaching and was respected by high flying business managers and university graduates who were giving me excellent reviews and I had respect but everywhere I went gang members from the Sylheti Bangladeshi ghettoes were saying that I was a prostitute and so some people would make filthy noises around me and say disgusting things. It was disgusting.

I did not go to university and study at teacher training college to become a prostitute! Thanks to these disgusting people, racists were able to pick on me and a racist woman started to get migrants to lie about me and she was going around calling me a prostitute and accusing me of being a wild girl and of working in a brothel!!! I never go out after dark and fornication is a sin in my belief system so for someone to say something like that is an evil crime.

I have been subjected to so much filth and evil and a boy I loved but rejected for Islam tried to kill himself because of the racist woman's lies and the lies of the ghetto Bangladeshi Sylheti people.

Having lived a lonely life and spurned relationships for the sake of Islam when others were following their heart and being happy, I began to HATE the Sylheti Bangladeshi community in the East End and when these people had the nerve to start bugging my home and stalking me in my own home, I was filled with real anger.

I was rebuked in dreams for saying the most awful, hateful things after a bad dream of these people and the angel that used to speak to me in my dreams left me and said that from now on, I would live an ordinary life.

Many of these Sylheti Bangladeshis are involved in jadoo ( black magic). Some of them join gangs and some of them work with the jinn. Some of them tell lie after lie if they don't like you.

I have hatred towards a lot of these people and I don't want to be hateful. I keep having dreams that the evil man who works for the Luciferians is going to turn me into a hideous leper.

I am not naturally a hateful person but I don't seem to be able to stop hating these people. I know that Allah is offended by this hatred and hatred and anger demeans us as people as I used to be a nice person and was told that I used to be wonderful wonderful girl but anger and hatred have eaten into my heart and angered Allah.

I don't think that he will ever forgive me but I need his help to overcome this hatred and anger. I need Allah to heal me of this hatred that I have for these people. I reallu HATE them. I HATE them but I don't want to be a hateful person.

Please can you help me to stop hating and to start forgiving? I need help to change.

Also, I asked Allah for wisdom for many years but I never developed any and behaved like a fool letting many great opportunities go by.

I need help from Allah to stop hating and start TRULY forgiving and I need help to be WISE and to relate to Allah consistently in a way that is wise.

Please can you advise me or make dua for me? I really need help.

Dear Sister,
Before you sleep please follow as below. Also please recite Suraq Baqara in the house

Muslim Book 004, Hadith Number 1707.
Abu Huraira reported Allah's Messenger (may peace be upon him) as saying: Do not make your houses as graveyards. Satan runs away from the house in which Surah Baqara is recited.

etiquettes of sleeping

Bukhari Volumn 001, Book 004, Hadith Number 247.
Narated By Al-Bara 'bin 'Azib : The Prophet said to me, "Whenever you go to bed perform ablution like that for the prayer, lie or your right side and say, "Allahumma aslamtu wajhi ilaika, wa fauwadtu amri ilaika, wa alja'tu Zahri ilaika raghbatan wa rahbatan ilaika. La Malja' wa la manja minka illa ilaika. Allahumma amantu bikitabika-l-ladhi anzalta wa bina-biyika-l ladhi arsalta" (O Allah! I surrender to You and entrust all my affairs to You and depend upon You for Your Blessings both with hope and fear of You. There is no fleeing from You, and there is no place of protection and safety except with You O Allah! I believe in Your Book (the Qur'an) which You have revealed and in Your Prophet (Muhammad) whom You have sent). Then if you die on that very night, you will die with faith (i.e. or the religion of Islam). Let the aforesaid words be your last utterance (before sleep)." I repeated it before the Prophet and when I reached "Allahumma amantu bikitabika-l-ladhi anzalta (O Allah I believe in Your Book which You have revealed)." I said, "Wa-rasulika (and your Apostle)." The Prophet said, "No, (but say): 'Wanabiyika-l-ladhi arsalta (Your Prophet whom You have sent), instead."

Bukhari Volumn 004, Book 054, Hadith Number 495.
Narated By Abu Said Al-Khudri : ..... 'Whenever you go to your bed, recite the Verse of "Al-Kursi" (Quran 2:255) for then a guardian from Allah will be guarding you, and Satan will not approach you till dawn.' " On that the Prophet said, "He told you the truth..

Bukhari Volumn 006, Book 061, Hadith Number 536A.
Narated By 'Aisha : Whenever thy Prophet go went to bed every night, he used to cup his hands together and blow over it after reciting Surat Al-Ikhlas, Surat Al-Falaq and Surat An-Nas, and then rub his hands over whatever parts of his body he was able to rub, starting with his head, face and front of his body. He used to do that three times.

AbuDawud Book 036, Hadith Number 5040.
Chapter : Not known.

Narated By Abdullah ibn Umar : When the Apostle of Allah (pbuh) went to his bed, he would say: Praise be to Allah Who has given me sufficiency, has guarded me, given me food and drink, been most gracious to me, and given to me most lavishly. Praise be to Allah in every circumstance. O Allah! Lord and King of everything, God of everything, I seek refuge in Thee from Hell.

AbuDawud Book 036, Hadith Number 5043.
Chapter : Not known.

Narated By 'Aisha, Ummul Mu'minin : When the Apostle of Allah (pbuh) awake at night, he said: There is no god but thou, glory be to Thee, O Allah, I ask Thy pardon for my sin and I ask Thee for Thy mercy. O Allah! advance me in knowledge: do not cause my heart to deviate (from guidance) after Thou hast guided me, and grant me mercy from thyself; verily thou art the grantor.

Bukhari Volumn 007, Book 064, Hadith Number 274.
Narated By Ali : Fatima went to the Prophet complaining about the bad effect of the stone hand-mill on her hand. She heard that the Prophet had received a few slave girls. But (when she came there) she did not find him, so she mentioned her problem to 'Aisha. When the Prophet came, 'Aisha informed him about that. 'Ali added, "So the Prophet came to us when we had gone to bed. We wanted to get up (on his arrival) but he said, 'Stay where you are." Then he came and sat between me and her and I felt the coldness of his feet on my abdomen. He said, "Shall I direct you to something better than what you have requested? When you go to bed say 'Subhan Allah' thirty-three times, 'Alhamdulillah' thirty three times, and Allahu Akbar' thirty four times, for that is better for you than a servant."

Bukhari Volumn 006, Book 061, Hadith Number 530.
Narated By Abu Mas'ud : The Prophet said, "If somebody recited the last two Verses of Surat Al-Baqara at night, that will be sufficient for him."

Narrated Abu Huraira: Allah 's Apostle ordered me to guard the Zakat revenue of Ramadan. Then somebody came to me and started stealing of the foodstuff. I caught him and said, "I will take you to Allah's Apostle!" Then Abu Huraira described the whole narration and said:) That person said (to me), "(Please don't take me to Allah's Apostle and I will tell you a few words by which Allah will benefit you.) When you go to your bed, recite Ayat-al-Kursi, (2.255) for then there will be a guard from Allah who will protect you all night long, and Satan will not be able to come near you till dawn." (When the Prophet heard the story) he said (to me), "He (who came to you at night) told you the truth although he is a liar; and it was Satan."



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