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Salamu Alaikum brother. My problem is regarding marriage. I have a serious psychological condition or inadequacy and a mental ilness. I think that if i marry i cannot provide for them, be able to let graduate from a fine university if i were the bread winner. Also, Allah forbid, i do not want my progeny if ever to be like me. This are the reasons why i do not want or feel like not marrying.. Would i then be committing a grave sin thereby if i do not marry since i have a mental illness? Would i then be out of the fold of islam and not be among the followers of the Prophet? would it rule me out any chances of entering Jannah? And i belief Allah is Most Loving and Merciful..

Wallaikum As Salaam!

By going through your question Alhumdulillah you sound absolutly normal & an Almighty Allah
fearing Muslim.

First of all you should consult a psychiatrist to diagnose your mental health and then only
you and elders should come to a final decision on your marriage issue.

Almighty Allah forbid if there is some psychological problem, then one should know how serious
it is and if it can be cured and marriage is possible or completely ruled out.

In the event the doctor's advise against the marriage, you still remain the follower of Islam
spread through our beloved prophet Mohammed.

No one but the Almighty Allah can judge who goes to paradise or hell that depends on how one
has spent his life in this world which is applicable to sane people.

However, for people who have serious mental problems the Almighty Allah is the most merciful,
the most benevolent, the most high to forgive and bestow Jannah to them despite their actions
in a state of mental ill health.

Please remember that it is the Almighty Allah who is the provider & bestower for all and we
people are only a source.

May the Almighty Allah have mercy on us to forgive our sins and guide us all to the true path
of Islam as per the Koran for rest of our life.  


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