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Assalamu Alaikum Hazarat,

I am a reverted muslim, and married woman since 19 years.  In India, we are staying in a rented house for the past 2.5 years. The building where we are staying is a joint property, and all the brothers and sisters are staying in the same building.  The owner of our house is not staying here, and he is a gentle man.One boy who is the nephew (8 year old) of our house owner has stolen money from our home. An when I asked about that the boy's mother had a fight with me, justifying her son. Then after some days the house owner's mother called me as a Kafir, ( because I am a reverted muslim). So I yelled that lady and again we had a fight.  The neighbour is also the brother of the house owner had also started quarreling with us because of the consumption of the electricity. What happend, the neighbour is using air condition for a longer time and he started levying the bill on us.  We are not filthy, but in between all the financial crisis, we are paying the excess electricity on behalf of him.  Last Friday, the neighbourhood man dismantle all the water connection ( Pumping motor) and made us struggling without water for more than 12 hrs. We suffered a lot because I have two children who are going school and college. And my age old parents are also staying with me. So I lost my temper and I cursed them that they will get punishment from Allah, and they will suffer with their family.  Now somebody told me that you are not suppose to curse them. But what to do? They had done a lot of injustice to us.  Now they are asking to vacate the house immediately.  The house owner is not ready to pay the advance amount.  Please guide me Whether I have to made Tawba? Is is wrong to curse the people those who done harm to us?


That is your human instinct- to curse those who hurt you and hurt you unjustly. Even Abu Bakr Siddique did it to one Quraish who was insulting the Prophet.
However if you feel guilty then it is a sign that you need to make taWba for it and seek their forgiveness because a wrongful curse may turn against the person who did it.
May Allah help you.


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