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The teachings of Islam enjoins us to take good care of our health and seek cure when we are sick. However there is this hadith:
Ibn `Abbâs once said to `Atâ b. Rabâh: "Shouldn't I point out to you a woman of Paradise?"He replied: "Indeed. Do so." Ibn `Abbâs said: "Do you see that black complexioned lady? She approached the Prophet (peace be upon him) and said: 'I suffer from epilepsy and during a fit, my body becomes exposed. So please supplicate Allah on my behalf.' "Then the Prophet said to her: 'If you choose, you might rather bear it patiently and you will attain Paradise on account of it. Or if you like, I will beseech Allah to cure you.' "She said: 'I will bear it patiently. But my body gets exposed, so please beseech Allah that my body will no longer be exposed.' "The Prophet (peace be upon him) beseeched Allah for this." [Sahîh al-Bukhârî (5652) ]
Here the Prophet gave an option for the woman to bear the illness rather than fulfilling straightaway the woman’s initial desire to be cured. Does the prophet’s action not contradicts the general understanding for us to seek cure for the illness that may befall on us? We are asked to bear the illness with patience if we have not been cured yet. Not to seek or welcome illness,surely?

Seeking cure for our illness is wajib and covering onesself is wajib and since the cure takes time whereas covering ones self can be done rightaway he addressed her concern of this firstly and then the cure after, otherwise saving ones life is foremost in Islam even if one has to violate religious principles.


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