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Islam/Islamic perspective on Reincarnation & Past Life Regression


Assalam Alaikum,

I wanted to find out if you have done any research /analysis on the following areas :

1. Reincarnation

2. Past life regression : this is an individual therapy session between a person and a psychiatrist where the person is hypnotized and then he recovers his/her past life memories. There are lot of physiatrists in US; namely Dr. Michael Newton ( author of "Journey of Souls".  

A lot of old historical religion - Hinduism, Buddhiam believe in reincarnation but a lot of new religion and people from existing religions( Christianity, Islam, Judaiam) also believe in the rebirth process. Please see this link for more info :
A lot of Muslims also prove reincarnation based on translation of Sura Bakra Aaya 28 - which i believe is not the right interpretation.
From scientific point of view, There is research done by Dr. Ian Stevenson which is quite recognized globally in reincarnation cases.

I would be very happy to receive some arguments/proof and enlightenment on this area from Islamic point of view. I need some guidance on this topic.

May Allah give guidance to us all.


Islam doesn't agree with the reincarnation theory.  Let us look at what Allah Almighty said in the Noble Quran:

"From the (earth) did We Create you, and into it Shall We return you, And from it shall We Bring you out once again.  (The Noble Quran, 20:55)"

" 'And Allah has produced you from the earth, Growing (gradually), And in the End He will return you Into the (earth), And raise you forth (Again at the Resurrection).'  (The Noble Quran, 71:17-18)"

"Nor will they there Taste Death, except the first Death; and He will preserve Them from the Penalty Of the Blazing Fire.   (The Noble Quran, 44:56)"

" 'Is it (the case) that We shall not die, except our first death, And that we Shall not be punished?'  Verily this is The supreme achievement!  For the like of this Let all strive, Who wish to strive.  (The Noble Quran, 37:58-61)"

From the above Noble Verses, we clearly see that Allah Almighty created us to die only once.  This clearly refutes the reincarnation theory from the Islamic perspective.  


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