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QUESTION: Assalamu alaikum... I love a guy since 2010... His name is ameen Hassan... He too loves me... But he have suddenly refused me and said that he can't marry me ... Because of his mother... His mom won't accept me... So, ameen is ignoring me now a days... He loves his mom more than everything... He is a gentlemen... But , I can't forget him... I'm suffering a lot without him..
there's no life for me without my ameen... I need him back... I can't marry anyone else... I'm crying everyday... Suggest me dua so that he will marry me... I need him back... I need TRUE love from him... What should I do ?? Help me...

ANSWER: Walaikum us salam!
    Sister,our heart is the best part in our body. Eyes are to see, Ears are to listen and similarly, Heart is to love. It will love to someone definitely but loving creater (Allah) will be light and conversely loving Creatures will be darkness.
    Listen that contact with Non-mahram is haram. It was narrated from Abu Hurayrah (may Allaah be pleased with him) that the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “Women may be married for four things: their wealth, their lineage, their beauty and their religious commitment. Choose the one who is religiously-committed, may your hands be rubbed with dust (i.e., may you prosper).” Narrated by al-Bukhaari, 5090; Muslim, 1466.
    Secondly you should decide that the boy you are wishing to marry is dheeni(religiously-committed)or not. If she is not a true slave of Allah thenthere is a grave error that is committed by many of those who want to get married and who are looking for life partners, both men and women, which often leads their plans to failure, because both parties fall victim to stress and grief, and society bears a new burden as the result of divorce and its consequences.
    I advise you to seek the help of your Creator, may He be exalted, to get married to a righteous spouse in shaa Allah if you don't wish to bring wrath of your Lord. Hence there is no dua for duas are for halal things and not for haram things.
    You can dua for him in general that may Allah give him taufeeq to decide right thing.Also Pray that " Oh Allah, do with me,whatever is write... You knows best" Allah SWT says "Surely you cannot guide whom you love, but Allah guides whom He pleases, and He knows best the followers of the right way."(28:56)

    I think it is satisfactory.

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QUESTION: Asalamu alaikum...  He is a Muslim... His full name is khan Muhammad ameen Hassan...  Now, kindly tell some dua so that he will marry me... I can't live without him...

ANSWER: Walaikum us salaam!
    I understood. I think you have read complete answer. Make your mind free of Wasaawis.

    If you want to marry him in Islamic sense(i.e. with complete agreement between parents), you can do following.Remember that Dua for Haram things is good for nothing as I said in above answer.

    As dua, Allah have pretty names and they works very well, greatly. Our Ulama(Islamic scholars) have found great facts on it.

    Prayer should be done with complete faith and believe on Allah then it will work. Without it, you will get nothing...

    --> His mother or father, if you can go in there home then say یا وہاب YA WAHHAB  and blow it in the pot from which they drink water... You can do this also with tea, coffee or any thing they eat or drink.
    If it is not possible then consider Him as standing in front of you and blow on His Face, or His parent's face <--
This will attract them towards you Inshallah.

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QUESTION: Assalamu alaikum... Thank you brother for your advise... I'll act accordingly... And brother, I'm very much busy with studies and my work... I'm not able to pray all the five times..  I'm trying..  But I stuck up with something... I need to pray 5 times everyday without fail... Is there any dua or name to recite... So that , I can pray all the time.... I'm hating myself now a days for not praying properly... I want to do all my fardh salah... Help me...

Walaikum us salam!
   Great. Believe me I smiled when I seen your question again...May Allah do better for you. Try to confine your questions in one attempt please.

    It is very nice and encouraging, promising to know that you have felt your mistake. Specially the last sentence..." I'm hating myself now a days for not praying properly " is so enthusiastic.

    البصیر(Al-Baseer), a name of Allah. After Namaz-e-Juma, recite this name 100 times... Your heart will be receptive of good deeds. You will get peace and HALAWAT in your heart.{Aamal e Qurani Page No:142)
    Additionally,one great name, یا حفیظ Ya- Hafeez, I suggest you which I have tested 100s of time and never failed , for preventing things(precious etc). Just recite one time,یا حفیظ Ya- Hafeez and blow on it. It will be safe forever( Believe in Allah is Must). I never failed in it.

I think it is satisfactory.


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