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In surah An-Nisaa verse 6  “……And let him who is rich abstain entirely [from his ward's property]; and let him who is poor partake thereof in a fair manner…..”
The injunction for the rich to abstain entirely: is it a strong recommendation or is it a must/direct order? If a rich man wants to charge for costs like telephone bill, petrol,etc ;is allowable for him to do so?

As Salaam Alaikum & Juma Mubarak!

As Muslims we are commanded in the Koran to wish each other with a salaam whenever we come
across or write.

Well, if the orphan's property is good enough to afford bearing these costs, then it can be
charged, but it all depends the orphan's state, consent and your own conscience.

Perhaps, the below verses should clarify all your doubts:
They ask you about intoxicants and gambling: say, "In them there is a gross sin, and some benefits for the people. But their sinfulness far outweighs their benefit." They also ask you what to give to charity: say, "The excess." God thus clarifies the revelations for you, that you may reflect,
upon this life and the Hereafter. And they ask you about the orphans: say, "Bringing them up as righteous persons is the best you can do for them. If you mix their property with yours, you shall treat them as family members." God knows the righteous and the wicked. Had God willed, He could have imposed harsher rules upon you. God is Almighty, Most Wise.

Do not give immature orphans the properties that God has entrusted with you as guardians. You shall provide for them therefrom, and clothe them, and treat them kindly.
You shall test the orphans when they reach puberty. As soon as you find them mature enough, give them their property. Do not consume it extravagantly in a hurry, before they grow up. The rich guardian shall not charge any wage, but the poor guardian may charge equitably. When you give them their properties, you shall have witnesses. God suffices as Reckoner.
Those who consume the orphans' properties unjustly, eat fire into their bellies, and will suffer in Hell.
You shall not touch the orphans' money except in the most righteous manner, until they reach maturity. You shall give full weight and full measure when you trade, equitably. We do not burden any soul beyond its means. You shall be absolutely just when you bear witness, even against your relatives. You shall fulfill your covenant with God. These are His commandments to you, that you may take heed.
You shall not touch the orphans' money except for their own good, until they reach maturity. You shall fulfill your covenants, for a covenant is a great responsibility.
Wrong! It is you who brought it on yourselves by not regarding the orphan.
And consuming the inheritance of helpless orphans.
Orphans who are related.
Did He not find you orphaned and He gave you a home?
Therefore, you shall not forsake the orphan.
That is the one who mistreats the orphans.

May the Almighty Allah have mercy on us to forgive our sins and guide us all to the true path
of Islam as per the Koran for rest of our lives.


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