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Brother in my last question where i mention that cloth were taking out of machine and placed in basket and it rain but i dont know wether the rain made all cloth wet or not or the najis part was washed by rain.


It is your WASWASA only, don't think about it so much. If it is raining, everything will must be washed by it. To make a Najis cloth paak, it needs three times to wash and make it as clean as possible. Your responsibility ends.

If at a place, there is cow dung and it is dried completely with the heat of sun... It don't make your cloth Najis...only it make it dirty somehow.[Darul Uloom Deoband]

Because of your continuous queries, I came at conclusion that you are so involved in wasaawis(thoughts which make you feel uncomfortable about anything). There is a simple work to make it all right.
"After every Namaz, say "Allah" from the bottom of your heart and blow it to your Shahadah Finger, then write "Allah" with that finger on your heart place... this will give your heart a peaceful effect and you will satisfy yourself with every matter instantly"

[For reference only: Isme Zaati "Allah" have great effects in it and it is said as Isme Aazam by Mashaekh...from the 100's of verses of Quran like:  WAJILAT QULOOBUHUM..., ZIKRA TANFAUL MUMINEEN..., TABARAKASMU RABBIK...etc.]


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