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Islam/sacrifice or zulum ?


QUESTION: Salam sir.. please answer my question its very important for me

if a person is like to have a diffrent kind of sex (not normal) bdsm sex .. he is a sadist and he needs a masochism.. he is not fulfilled by normal sex not even 1%.. and there are poeple like him out there in the world (masochism) ..only 5% when compared to 100% people but still they are there.

But to find these people he must go beyond the boundaries of islam (talk to girls , meet them , flirt them , take them on date and talk a little about sex to see if both are compatible) this all with a view to marry her if it works out.. is he allowed to do that..

and if he decides not to do that just cause its out of boundries of islam and do arranged marriage and scarifies his entire sex life and live without ever getting sexually fulfilled cause he cant do that to his wife as she will not be a masochism..

Q. then will it be considered as zulum(self destruction) on himself or a sacrifice for god ?

ANSWER: Walaikum us salam!
    I have answered One question of this type. For your reference, I am pasting it(both q and a) here...
    Q:If a person is into bdsm..will he be allowed to marry? If not then will he be allowed to go out and pay for bdsm sex?

Cause he dose not like to have normal sex..he is into bdsm..normal sex dose not pleasure him ,he is a sadist and needs a masochism, and a man has rights to fulfill his sexual desire

And if he is allowed to marry. .will islam permit bdsm sex with his wife

And what if his wife dose not want to have bdsm sex..and this person dose not enjoy or get fulfilled by normal sex..not even 1%..then what is he supposed to do?"
Answer:   Assalamualaikum.
Brother! believe me that I did not know anything about bdsm. But only because of you and for the Mercy  of Almighty Allah, I Googled it and found.........hah.
   Islam is not to harm our self. And hence suicide is Haram(prohibited). Every Muslim must believe that the method guided by Allah and Prophet is accurate, perfect and best for all human being. Both Quran and Hadith says all the things about how you should do sex.
   If he does not like to have normal sex, then he must be go to a expert physician of the field. As a Wazifa, one can use this...
لا مرغوبی الااللہ    la marghoobi illallah
لا مطلوبی الااللہ  la matloobi illallah
 لا محبوبی الااللہ  la mahboobi illallah
 لا الہٰ الااللہ     la ilaha   illallah  "  100-100 times at the time of rise and set.
It will increase the love of Allah and refuse anything else from heart.(Inshallah). this will help to walk on the straight way... the way of actual Islam... the way of paradise.
    No. Islam does not permit bdsm sex with wife(or anyone else). It is Strictly Prohibited (haram) to harm the Muslim. Hadith.

A of Q1. Not allowed.
A of Q2. Remember that we should say Allah in place of God
     Allah has mentioned how you should fulfill the desires. If they try to convince themselves and resist against their NAFS, it will be definitely a reward-able approach. They can use the advises I have given above.
     I think it is satisfactory.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: No.. its is not even close to the same question..

Please read the question again and answer me.. its very important to me..

The answer will be in

1.Zulum on himself

2.A sacrifice for god..

     Read my answer carefully. I said
    "Allah has mentioned how you should fulfill the desires. If they try to convince themselves and resist against their NAFS, it will be definitely a reward-able approach."- last paragraph.

     I know that you are talented. You could change the term "reward-able approach" in "sacrifice for god" . Since sacrifice is reward-able approach/work.



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