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Assalamualaikum , Last two months I have experienced waswasas. It is especially regarding Taharath. When I use the washroom I am extremely careful. Since I share the washroom with three more people in the house I am also used to wiping the toilet seat with a  tissue. But I forget if I washed my hands after the tissue is thrown off, as its my practice to wash my hands after throwing the tissue in a bin. I am worried I would touch my hand to my body or hair without washing my hand after throwing the tissue. So would My hair or body become impure to pray in it? if i sleep with the same clothes on my bed. will my bed be impure? pls note I do not notice anuything dirty on the seat. sometimes hair or water thats all. In taking extra precausion I am more confused. Please respond at the earliest as I experience anxiety . My memory is also not helping me. Will my Ibadath be accepted?

Wa'alaikumussalam wr wb,

My advice to you first of all is that you have to consult a  psychologist; try to find a Muslim doctor so that he will understand your problem. Secondly, you have to take the easier option always, and do not think about the sin or punishment. In a prayer when you are not sure whether you have prayed three or four rak’ahs, you have to assume that it is four, and the part of the body which you are unsure whether you have washed it, you have to assume that you have washed it. This applies to every situation you face: take the easier option. If you do that you will have defeated the Shaytan who has subjected you to this involuntary waswaas.

Allah knows the best. Thank You.  


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