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Salaamwalaykum, I am 38 years old man and I came to know that my Haqeekha ( shaving of head of new born child ) has not been done! I am working professional and seek your guidance how can i perform haqeekha witout shaving my entire head. Is it possible to cut a strand of hair and do all other rituals like goat sacrifice etc ?

Wa'alaykumussalam wr wb. Thank you for the question.

In this case, it's not obligatory for you to perform haqeekha for yourself, since it's actually a voluntary religious deed that should be performed by your parents, means if your parents "skipped" it for any specific reason, then you're not obliged to do so. My answer is based on several opinion of prominent Muslim scholars e.g Imam Ahmad, a hadith by al-Baihaqiy, asy-Syafiiyah.

I hope it will help. Thank You.  


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