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i am an adult muslim girl. i have received a marriage proposal from a friend of mine who is apparently compatible with me and have avarage financial position and working in a good organization at same cadre on which i am working. his family also shows positive interest. my parents like the guy as well but they decided to go for istikhara. they have approached two molanas for the purpose, both of they did istikhara one by doing some dua at that time and immidiately said its not feasible while other did istikhara by using beads and said its not feasible. the second molana gave the reason that the guy is not financialy strong and his mother might create problems in future.

i did some research on istikhara and found no refernce regarding doing istikhara by the way the two molanas did. so both of us decided to do the istikhara through salat e istikhara.
the guy performed istikhara and found positive result. i have also performed istikhara for 7 days but i am confused about the results. as i don't remeber my dreams completely. i just remeber parts of my dreams.

i saw lots of milk which was sent by the guy. i ate a white sweet (rus-gulay). i also had white boiled rice and saw a white duck (these two things are like some intution as i dont exactly remeber when i had this dream). then i had a dream that i am in office and suddenly i grabbed my hair n lots of straight brown color hair came into my hands its like some wig i feel that these are my hair but when i check my hair are still normal but i ran downstairs towards the doctor in office dispensary. when i reach there the doctor is sitting there wearing black hijab and my boss is also there. the doctor say there is nothing to worry about just focus on your diet and my boss took the hair from me n say these are very beautiful and silky and tie them up with her hair by turning them orange. then a friend of mine takes me home on bike n it starts raining n suddenly its me who is driving the bike (in reality i dunno how to drive) n its raining very heavily but i am enjoying that n drive very easily.
on last day of my istikhara i had a dream in which i drove in a local bus to my school and then suddenly i am at home of our family friends n it seems like evening time and after that i am with a family (the family was actully the characters of the movie i was watching before going for prayers) and we are in hilly area n heading towards a hospital because some relative of the family is hospitalized because lightening burnt him (the hospital is not like hospital its actully a resuturant in islamabad city) then i saw lightening again which is falling on some far away hill.

now i am confused because i have seen both the positive and negative signs. i have further studied that after istikhara we should follow our heart's intution but problem is my heart leans towards a yes but then came a feeling about the last dream n i got confused whether its a YES or NO.

i request you to please guide me on the matter.

As Salaam Alaikum!

You have the patience to remember & narrate your dream in length but do not have the patience/
time to write As Salaam Alaikum in full.

It is really disappointing to see the young Muslims attitude towards Islam and the commandments
in the Koran.

How can you or Maulana's even imagine to read how your future married life shape up or have an
idea how it will work.

Aren't you people trying to equate the Almighty Allah in the name of Istkhara by trying to read
the future of your married life which is a satanic act.

Read Koran in the language you best understand & show me if there is any Koran verse mentioning
about Istikhara.

The Almighty Allah blessed only Prophet Yusuf the devine art of interpreting dreams during that
period but there is no mention that this has been passed on to generations after generations.

Yes, there are some Muslims out there claiming to interpret the dreams and cheat the ignorant
Muslims like you. Be aware of them and do not fall prey to them since this act of Istikhara is

As a righteous Muslim pray to the Almighty Allah to bestow you a good husband to lead a happy
and righteous life.

And after consulting your parents take a final decision on a guy after all of you are able to
zero down on one through evaluation of pay scale, family background, age, maturity, physical
appearance & whatever physical and materialistic attributes that can be evaluated.

Rest leave it to the Almighty Allah who is the knower of everything to bless you the right man.

May the Almighty Allah have mercy on us to forgive our sins and guide us all to the true path
of Islam as per the Koran for rest of our life.


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