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I have asked a priest the following question
"having all four gopsels having different views on Jesus's Christ last moments and resurrection."

and he has replied with this


Numerous versions about the life of JESUS circulated around the middle-east as a result of His Resurrection.

Some versions were from reliable eye-witnesses to the actions and words of JESUS through His earthly life and activity. Other versions were subsequently regarded as not-so-reliable. Over the years some of those accounts were written down. Of the accounts that were written and that were also held to be the most reliable, in the estimation of those who knew JESUS best, a small number were regarded as having more authority, and as being more reliable than all others.

Eventually over many years of prayerful use and scholarly testing, four were regarded as being reliable to a degree that surpassed all others.  This is how there are four accounts (Matthew, Mark, Luke, John).  The apostles and their successors could have decided to hold to only one account, but it was clear that there was too much that was precious and important in each of those four accounts to dismiss three in order to regard one alone as more reliable outright. There was no one following JESUS with a notepad writing down His sayings or filing news reports on His daily activities… that’s not how the gospel accounts arrived into a written form.

Rather, each of the four authorized accounts emerged from a different eye-witness account and was shared as a spoken treasure …then it was written down in order to make it easier to recall and share with others. The English word “gospel” is derived from the original Koine Greek words for “good news” … so the accounts according to Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, each offer us four precious ways of considering the “good news” that JESUS wanted to reveal and to share."

inshallah you take the time in asnwering the question, thank youl.

This is historically what happened to the differnt versions of these narrations however the Quran is a single version without need for conflicting corrections over the years that mainatains the story of Jesus and the other in the Bible but maintains a conistency of the profiles and themes of their teachings.


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