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Islam/Question about istinja and wudu


Jazakallah brother.  

I will try to use water whenever possible from now on when using toilets.  

So just to make sure 

1.  If i can't get water in emergency when using the public toilets, i can use dry toilet paper to wipe myself yes?

2.  I don't have to change my underwear after using public toilet when reading namaz even though I've not done istinja yes?

3.  If at home in a hurry I forget to do istinja when visiting the toilet do I need to change underwear, underwear is clean and no stain marks?  Can I read namaz afterwards in the same underwear?

4.  Can use dry toilet paper to wipe toilet seat at home and public toilets yes?

5.   Drying toilet seat at home and public toilets does not have to be with wet toilet paper yes?

6.  I can do istinja first, brush my teeth, wash face with soap, then do wudu yes? Can I do this for Zohar time? Mainly on weekends I do this for Zohar, is this ok yes?

I shall look forward to your reply.


1. Yes
2. you have to change if you have not done istinja as it must be soiled by urine.
3. yes you should change just to avoid confusion and guilt.
4. yes in case the toilet appears clean and no visible soiling marks exists. if its not clean you need to clean it by using water or wet wipes or wet tissue.
5. see number 4
6. yes. yes ok




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