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salaam brother hope your well

I have one question. me and my mum are going for umrah next month inshallah

I wanted to know at what point do I wear my ehraam? In the past when I have been, we fly from London to Jeddah, and stay in a hotel in Jeddah for 30 mins, have a shower, and then put on ehraam and make our way to makkah.

some say this is wrong because you should put it on when flying over miqaat. but brother the toilets in the aeroplane is discusting, this is why we want to be clean, have a shower,and get changed in a clean place.

is this acceptable. please advise


Dear Brother,
As per the rules, you have to wear ihram at or before the mikaat. If you fear the toilets are soiled and its difficult to wear ihram, then you have to wear before entering the airplane.

Otherwise the alternate option is to goto madina first and then come to mecca for umrah.

What you had done may not be acceptable. Please do tauba and never repeat it again. You may give sadaqah for atonement.



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