QUESTION: I saw dream a dream this morning nd in 1 part of the dream i saw a pregnant women serving food to a woman( not very highlighted) though she is herself hungry.
nd i saw my father rushed to the hospital after he lost consciousness due to something sudden like heart attack, and then he is watching that incident on tv with us after he is recovered and we are laughing. Also i saw an old lady sitting near a very small pond and she pluck a few rupees which is very little amount and then she moved away with that money.

ANSWER: As Salaam Alaikum!

As Muslims we are commanded on the Koran to wish each other with "As salaam Alaikum" whenever we come across or write.

By your English you seems to be well educated but at the same time etiquette is missing the way you started with a Hi and
want me to understand that am suppose to interpret your dream even withou bothering even to ask leave alone with courtesy.

Anyway,  I not only try to set the youth on eighty track if it warrants but also impart whatever knowledge that the Almighty Allah
has blessed me with other.

For your information only Prophet Yusuf was blessed with this divine art of interpreting dreams by the Almighy Allah during
that period and there is no mention in the Koran that this divine blessings was passed to others from generation to generations.
Though some Muslims are out there claiming to interpret dreams and mislead gullible ignorant Muslims by suggesting remedies
to counter the harm that may befall according to the dream.

Just relax and either eat early before going to bed or eat less before going to bed whenever it is late to avoid these dreams.

If you still insist to find your dream interpretation then you  can find many dream interpreters and I can only pray the Almighty
Allah to guide you to the true path of Islam as per the Koran.

Allah Hafiz!

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: hi! :D Aslam u alaikum
by they way that was too soon to judge.

ANSWER: Wallekum As Salaam!

May the Almighty Allah's blessings and protection always be with you.

Am glad to see the Salaam but appreciate if you say it even before Hi! in future Inshallah.

I did not understand what you meant by saying "that was too soon to judge".

Can you please clarify young lady? How old are and what do you do?

In my first answer few corrections to be made it should "in and not on the Koran" it's without I/o withou,  and no repeat of even after bothering, right I/o eighty, others I/o other and "passed on"

Please read Koran in the language you best understand to follow and be steadfast in your salat, zakat and fast to lead a righteous life and you will never feel the need to interpret dreams at all.

May the Almighty Allah have mercy on us to forgive our sins and guide us all to the true path of Islam as per the Koran.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

I don't wish to talk about wht u said or wht i said before so please don't mind.
I have another question for you
well my parents have been fighting so much that now they have no feelings left for each other they were never meant for each other and they have already gone through hell.I am twenty two and eldest at home i am in hostel currently cox of my studies i don't feel like talking to my parents not because i don't like them or anything like that but because i can't help all that is happening and all that has happened. My mom is always depressed and my father is that mysterious person whom i don't know much in terms of what he wants or plans or what he think he has gone through .....I don't know much about him although i have been closest child to y father.
i don't know to whom i should blame for where we are?
v r two sistrx and two brothers. my parents are at home both are equally depressed because their is so much lack of understanding and please don't tell me to teach them anything i can't i have tried enough that now i am emotionless it's like watching same drama again and again till u no more feel anything about it. My father is at a post where we should at least be living 50  times better life but unfortunately it's not like that.and no one know why . I wonder how is going to be their after life? if that also happens to be miserable one then that i surely a waste of life they have suffered so much that i feel at least their after life should be better their arrange marriage sucks. and i don't know what to writ and what not  :( . How can life be so miserable that no time was good time then there is judgement day as well and that simple is too much to take... indeed we humans have been really really stupid people to take the responsibility of faith of God. And if u have any harsh word don't write back i won't mind i have already so many things to be upset about.

Wallaikum As Salaam and Juma Mubarak!

Am sorry to hear the state of affairs in your family, may the Almighty Allah have mercy on all
and guide us to the right path of righteous and restore happiness in our life.

Well, life is not a bed full of roses, ups and down will always be there in every one's life.

While, writing this am facing also facing the most difficult phase my life in my job and am
praying to the Almighty Allah that in this hour of difficulty in my life to please bestow me
with health, courage and strengthen my faith to face whatever hurdles that I may come across.

When things goes tough, the tough gets going and our faith waivers during these times as the
Satan influence/strikes when we are weak and down.

But if repose our faith in the Almighty Allah with patience and perseverance, Inshallah the
Almighty Allah will never forsake us to go astray.

It's not true that the Almighty Allah never allows problems to be inflicted on a devout and a
righteous person, but definitely inflicts hardships as a test for the true believers too.

Am reproducing ayats that may help you to re-think of your stance on life.

You will certainly be tested, through your money and your lives, and you will hear from those
who received the scripture, and from the idol worshipers, a lot of insult. If you steadfastly
persevere and lead a righteous life, this will prove the strength of your faith.

When adversity touches the human being, he implores us while lying down, or sitting, or
standing up. But as soon as we relieve his adversity, he goes on as if he never implored us to
relieve any hardship! The works of the transgressors are thus adorned in their eyes.

What you possess runs out, but what God possesses lasts forever. We will surely reward those
who steadfastly persevere; we will recompense them for their righteous works.

17:36] "You shall not accept any information, unless you verify it for yourself. I have given
you the hearing, the eyesight, and the brain, and you are responsible for using them."

Resorting to patience and forgiveness reflects a true strength of character.

When I went through what your have written I did not feel it was a quest but narrating your

I don't exactly know what the problems that is existing between your parents and the root cause
of your unhappiness to give any suggestion/advise that may come to my mind.

May the Almighty Allah have mercy on us to forgive our sins and guide us all to the true path
of Islam as per the Koran.


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