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Islam/Islam forbids wife beating?


QUESTION: Assalamulaikum,
        Recently, I found an article on the internet which says that Quran never mentions wife beating. It is written in that article that the Arabic word never means "to beat" in Surah Nisa verse 34. It says correct translation is as under:-

(4:34) [...]as for those women whose animosity or ill-will you have reason to fear, then leave them alone in bed, and then separate; and if thereupon they pay you heed, do not seek a way against them.

Can you clarify? The link to this article is as under:-


ANSWER: Islam condemns wife beating when the Prophet said it doesn't behove a man to beat his wife in the day and sleep with her in the night ike some beast. He himseLf never hit a woman.

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QUESTION: Thanks for your kind answer. But I want to ask that what about verse in the Quran of Surah Nisa 4:34? Is it translated wrongly by translators? The verse means to beat or to get separated? Another thing I want to ask is that some Muslims say that apostates are to be killed. Please clarify my both questions and quote me if I am wrong. May Allah guide us. Thanks.

That is a mistranslation. Beating is haram.
The Quran doesn't stipulate capital punishmnent for apostacy and the hadith that speaks about that is referring to those who defect politically and become a liabilty to the state then they must be charged for treason.


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