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Asalam alekum sir, i want to a skyou about my istekhara dream which i m doing for my sepration from my husband. sir let me tell you d background of my marriage in detail. Last year in April i got married to a person actually i was not ready for this marriage as i didnt want to get settled in another city as i was performing great professionally & didnt want to lose my carrier.But my husband he was very much intrested in me & he tried to convinced me that he can give me all happiness & will fulfill all my expectation .He convinced me to leave my job & told me that he will give a better life.Sir to get marry with me he gave me many false commitment infact they dont own a house in which they are living but to my parents they lied that this house is thier belongings also many false things he told me & after marriage i found the truth ..still i was adjusting with him but then my mother in law started torturing me,after few months i lost my patience & complained to my parents n then i came bake to my mothers place my husband knew everything whatever worst treatment happend to me & was supporting me too.
Sir before marriage when i did istekhara it was very negative & clear. but i jst thought that may be i m mentally distrb thatswhy watching bad dreams & didnt pay attention .
Sir many times i did istekhara after coming from my inlaws place but i m unable to judge my istekhara & getting more puzzle.
Sir my husband wants me back & taking me to a seprate house though his parents are very annopyed .but i m very confused that this person has given me false commitment & lied a lot before marriage & i left my carrier for him. now he doesnt want me to do job also.
So what should i do? wether i should go back to him as he is my husband or i should take divorce . therefore i was doing istekhara that is it better to get divorced. i want to share my recent dream with you in which i saw before fajar that we are engaged & doing planning for marriage We are happy together...but after praying fajar namaz my dream had continued & i saw its my wedding day but i & my husband both are very restless & thinking that we shouldnot marry .I m telling to my husband that my mother in laws treatment is not proper with me & i think our marriage will not work & he is also accepting it.He declairs that we r not marrying & goes from wedding place & i sit alone in a room & eats some sweet.
sir please help me & guide me what to do? Shall i go back to my husband or should take divorce? & mainly what is the interpretation of my istekhara dream?
waiting for your guidance...allahafiz

Wallaikum As Salaam!

Only prophète Yusuf was blessed by thé Almighty Allah to interpret thé dreams during those times and there is no mention in the Koran that this divine blessing of interpreting the dreams passed on to others from generations to generations though some Muslims are out their claiming to interpret dreams
and give solutions whichI do not believe since it is not according to Koran.

Only the Almighty Allah knows everything and there is no way anyone one in the world can know what's in store for each one in the future, so do not
indulge in this istekhar cult that tantamount to shirk.

Coming to your marriage, sit alone and ask yourself if you love your husband despite the way he lied to you and also find out if he truly loves you and
want you back to live separately without his parents.

Further, please look whether you are demanding something more than he can give you presently.

Then sit with him and discuss the pros and cons as well as staying in a separate house with him and also ensure that he will not refrain you from taking
up a job but definitely not at the cost of marital discomfort.

Divorcing has become the order of the day, but unlike the west in India and some of the Asian countries divorces and divorcees are looked down upon
apart from religious point of view where the Almighty Allah allows a divorce under extreme conditions like life threats, sterility and other serious situations.

Please also note a single divorcee is targeted by most men in every phase of life and environment, so please do think sensibly and delve upon what I
said above to come to an amicable solution to live as husband and wife.

May the Almighty Allah have mercy on us to forgive our sins and guide us all to the true path of Islam as per the Koran for rest of our life.  


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