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dear brother in last couple of month i wake up and find mu underware wet. few time i difently know that is semne and i have a wet dream. but sometime i donnt have a wet dream and i think i have uruinate. so how should i treat when i dont know wether it is urine or semen. but the smell is like urine. today i wokr up and find my underware wet also my tourser was wet. i smell but it didnt smell like semen, should i treat that a urin. should i wash my bedsheet. because i was going for work i didnt take bath i wore clean cloth are they became naji.

please brother your need as very much needed on this issue becvuase it happend to me a few time and i dont know what to do. i dont have the habit of wet myself at night. yesterday i had the urge to masterburate but i didnt do at that could the reason.also before i went to bed i had urinate.

thank you

if you are in doubt that its urine or semen, please test it by smelling. If it doesnt appear to be semen, then its possibly urine.

Therefore you should wash that area of the body, and change the clothes and change your bedsheet as well. Taking complete bath is not required if its not semen.



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