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QUESTION: Sal-am, I'm a Muslim but in a different way i kind of follow Baha'i Faith i don't accept Baha'ullah and The Bab as the prophet of god
but its kind of doubt cause the other people who came after prophet Mohammed(pbuh)claim to be Messiah like Ahmadi's Messiah didn't sacrifice their life like prophet Mohammed(pbuh) did for us but Baha'ullah and The Bab has sacrificed their life for Baha'i Faith i don't accept but i love to build community and unity like bahais do in their daily life as they were told by Baha'ullah. I Pray towards Mecca have faith in god and respect All the 29 Prophets and Prophet Zoroaster but i feel kind of a bahai inside me and even if i can join and attend National Spiritual Assembly (A Place Where Bahais Gather and help each other ) for building unity and understanding is it ok pls can you answer it kindly with respect i know this question brings altercation between anyone

And With Music, I Love Music ,Not  Music that leads to sinful acts such as drugs, sex, violence, etc...
I write songs about Humanity, Peace, Unity and praise About God I listen To Naats,Christians and bahai music which talks about God and faith to increase my closeness towards god i have read this page its say its not Haram (Here it is the link of website - ) i just want to know about your Opinion about Music .
Tanim Kazi

ANSWER: Wallaikum As Salaam!

Well, you don't seem to have a clarity on the Islam you are trying hard to follow.

Why do you have to rely on books other than our Koran, which is clear and easy to understand
and is a final testament.

Koran clearly says that Prophet Mohammed is the last of the prophets and a seal on prophets
and there will no prophet after him.

However, the Koran says that messengers will continue to come to guide people whenever they go
astray to follow the Islam as per the Koran.

And Koran commands us to read the previous scriptures too and accept the teachings that agrees
with the Koran and also mentioned that there is no place on the earth that the Almighty Allah
has not sent a prophet or a messenger.

Though there are prophets mentioned by names in the Koran, Bible and Torah, but there are also
other scriptures that mentioned about Buddha, Ram and others who may have been the messengers
but people got swayed and idolized raising their stature to God.

I suggest, that you read and study Koran in the language you best understand and then the other
scriptures to understand Islam and follow the right path.

Coming to listening to the music, it is nothing wrong so far it sooths your feeling & relieves
tensions, but the moment the music divert you mind towards sinful feelings/imaginations, then
you must have the willpower to stop listening to the same.

Otherwise, you can enjoy any music that may like.

May the Almighty Allah have mercy on us to forgive our sins and guide us all to the true path
of Islam as per the Koran for rest of our life.

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QUESTION: Salam Thanks For the answer i will take my time to study at Qur'an,Bible,Torah,Psalms and Zoroastrianism's Holy Book  

I want to know is it okay to come up with a music project and be a music producer cause my dream is to be musician?

The Salafi Movement what is it, i heard they are Sunni and say football is haram.

What is Liberal Islam & Islamic Modernism/Liberal movements within Islam

Tanim Kazi

Wallekum As Salaam!

Sorry for this inordinate delayed reply.

Yes, you can practice music and can be a professional to make a livelihood, but only ensure
that it will not lead others in the wrong ways of life.

Sufi Sunni Muslims practice music and write poems and songs glorifying the Almighty Allah.

But some times these Sufi's write poems/songs glorifying some saintly Muslims in their memory
where shrines are existing mostly in India/Pakistan/Bangladesh where some ignorant Muslims go
and seek blessings by asking the dead saintly people to intervene with the Almighty Allah for
fulfilling of their wishes/dreams which is a big sin and shirk as per the Koran.

Regarding Salafi and Salafi movement, you can find about it on the website‎

Any game or sport where gambling is not involved is not considered haram as per the Koran.

Coming to Liberal Islam & Islamic modernism/liberal movements within Islam can be viewed on
the internet since it is a big topic to discuss and understasnd through All experts.

May the Almighty Allah have mercy on us to forgive our sins and guide us all to the true path
of Islam as per the Koran for rest of our life.


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