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Islam/i have obsessive whispers !


"asalamualikum warah matullahi wabarakatuhu ,
brothers my name is usama i am 25 years old ,i am sufferring from obsessive whispers from, 3 years almost and i am soooooooo worried about my self i have few questions may Allah reward u ,
1. i have a big problem with doing wudhu whenever i stand to do wudhu i feel like i brak it so i do it again n again somtimes more than 15 times for one salah and even then im not sure of what i did is rite ,, this makes me soo exhausted that i donnot enjoy my salah atall ..
2. whenever i use toilet for call of nature we have comodes here i have sooooooo man doubts of impurity after urinating and pasasing stool i hav to wash my lower body everytime i use toilet , :( i fear that the water i used to wash splashes back on me from thhe toilet seat water .. :( and when i flush i doubt that the seat is also not clean now i am sooo tired of this it has made my life miserable :( some times i hav to bath again n again :( Alhumdulillah i never miss my salah !but i was crying bcause i am exhausted of this now plz suggest me somthing so i can get rid of this impurity doubts :(
3 when ever i start salah i feel like i have break my wudu in every namaz but i try it at the same time farting but nothing comes out ... i fear that my salah wont be answered is it doubts or what ,,, somtimes the anus contracts feels like gas has released but it didnt .. im soo tensed abt it i want to be like other muslims who practice ilsam normally :( please reply me asap i just wana get ridd of these whispers if i dont listen to them i feel like iam betraying Allah S.W.T :( plzz help help jazakAllah hu khairan !"


Actually, I am doing some preparation for a Grand Islamic Event this weekend Inshaa Allaah - I apologize for not being able to answer your question at this time - please forgive me for that Inshaa Allaah-  as soon as I have some availability , I will try to answer your question Inshaa Allaah -however, please do not hesitate to send me a reminder  Inshaa Allaah

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