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we being muslims believe that Allah is seeing and hearing.
When i came to know about the atrocities of americans on muslims , i got stressed.
Prople were brutally killed , tortured and raped in mass.
And all of the victims were muslims. People who bow to God were suffering in
abu gharib prison and headquarters of us military. during the investigations of houses the
men were locked in rooms on gunpoints , while women were interogated by americans ,
those bastards also touched their private parts , other wise killed their men, women and
teen boys were repeatedly raped by americans in prisons or in public at gun points, the age
had no limits.

I have a question Where was God at that time. Why were the cries of those innocents not heard
by God. The time when there was no one to help them and they were in situation of barbarism,
after thet they could never live their lives happily nor die, Where was God.

The bastard americans who committed those crimes are still living  and are have no regrets.
one soldier confessed that he raped 53 of people aging from 4 years to onwards. he is still
alive .

Why ,,,,, Why not the same happened with him.

Suppose if america enter any other muslim country and start the same barbarity what we will
do? leave our fate to them or seek help from God......(inauzubillah) i am sorry but those victims also did the
same but at that time there was no difference between holy stone and our God,

God will punish them in the next world......will God do that .... God is loving and forgiving
i think God will still forgive them again.

i wish to see those rascals watching their families raped infront of them till the last breath
and then torn into pieces and sold to brothels as show pieces.

But no .....we people speak like them , wear like them and copy them.

Then , victims either committed suicide or live a paralyzed life.

My question is where was God at that time.

(inauzubillah)if God is not ficticious then where was God at that time

You have every right to question God and question the truths of life and be saddened as to injustice but you do not have any right to take the law into your hands and exact violence for violence and leave the fold of Islam because of the wrongs of others" or the suffering of others- that's your test and as those are tested with something else.

Islam has the answers but if people don't come close to Allah how will they know.


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