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I'm love with a guy from the last 3 years. Although we love each other immensely, there have been some pretty rough times in our relationship. Approximately 2 years back he broke up with me due to some Islamic reasons. I was shattered. I met a friend of mine to talk to him about what happened. This friend of mine loves me from the past 5 years. I told him what has been going on and I started crying. He started consoling me and he kissed me. We ended up making out. All the while that my freind was making love to me I kept saying my boyfriend's name. My friend realized this and we left. Later when things got better between me and my boyfriend I told him what had happened. But he was soooo shattered that I had to lie saying nothing of that sort ever happened. I've always had a weekness for sex. Before meeting my boyfriend I've made out with many guys and even slept with some . But after meeting him, by the grace of Allah, I stopped all that. Now my question is what do I do ? I know I should tell him the truth and I want to but I also know knowing the truth will leave him shattered and completly broken. Please guide me.

Wallekum As Salaam!

Are you a Muslim girl and what about your BF and the freind you made love with, are they Muslims.

Well, the truth always prevails in the end and if your BF comes to know later after getting married then he will not only be shatttered but will leave you for good.

So, in this scenario, if you both of you are contemplating of getting married, then you should reveal about your past and then only if he agrees marry him.
Further, I dont understand what you meant by weakness towards sex? Can you eloborate to guide
you properly.

Which part of the world you hail from and your BF and friends.

As per Koran, sex outside marraige is a big sin, so start seeking forgivenss from the Almighty
Allah every after Salat before going to bed in prostrating posture and keep hoping Inshallah
the Almighty Allah show mercy on you one day to forgive your sins.  


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