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QUESTION: Dear brothet last couplr of  days when i go toilry and whilr utinating i think i gry some utine splash bacj. First day when it happen i think it was a very small drip and i didnt find any wetness on my thigh. I went to bed withthise cloth does my cloth and bed brcarm najis. I hang them in hanger does hanger and door brcamr najis.
Next days i went and i frlt the same i didnt changr cloth and went bed i wore same clith next days toilrt and i frlt that utinr splash back on me i check it was cold or wet so i wipr it hands and went bed does bed necamr najis i hangd my cloth does hanget becamr najid. I hangd my clean clith fonthry brcamr najis. Shoulf i takr showet

ANSWER: if urine was dry, hanger not become najis.
no it didnt become najis as this splash was very little.


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QUESTION: Dear brothet i have a few question please can u answer them for please i will be very gratful thank you

1. Yesterday i had semen before i selpt when i woke up found my uNderware wet and i had shirt which had stain if semrn. I went work and visit toilet and didnt see any stain on my underware shiukd i treat that as semen or urinr.

2. I had medince which i had in my pocket and some of it spill in my pocket i felt cold near my knee my underware would have urine drop snicr i havr urine inconsisntce also when i urinate sometime urine tiuch my biwel does the bittel and item in my pocket becamr najid.

3. Once i had a urine on my cloth i hang them and left for work when i came home i rember that cloth might have rouch my suit bag i doubt wether it tiuch the wet bit and wether wetness reach to suit bag.

4 once i put najis clith in my cupboard i wipe the door with wet tisue now i doubt that wet door would have touch cloth wether wetness reach dont know i think i left door open so doesnt touch clotj. I wipe it again but other clean cloth becamr najis.

5. Also today while using toillet i touch inside of the toilet accudently i doubt wether my hands brcamr najis or some urine were there i dry my hand and wipr myself do i becamr najis.

ANSWER: dear brother,

please ask these questions to people who are near you. I will not be able to answer it accurately.

Please understand and ask anybody close to you who can touch your clothes and find out if its semen/urine or water.


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QUESTION: Dear btother i have a fee wuesyiin pleasr can u answer them please

1 i have a lump on my back side which bleed snf blood touch my cloth does cloth brcamr najis. I have sat on place and cant see blood that all right. I had spot on my nose which bleed and blood became dry if i touch it woth wet hands they became najis.

2 where i work i have microwaves and my neighiubre are non muslim they eat haram food they ask me to warm ut microwaves does microwaves becamr najis. Or theharam foodtouchwith bare hands became najis.

1. Blood is a controversial issue whether it breaks wudhu or not. Therefore since you are sick and your problem will help you and you need not become najis due to lump. no hands will not become najis

2. microwave will not become najis, but the food dont accept for your microwave. touching haraam thing will make you najis. wash hands after that.



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