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Islam/Can muslims get married in register office other than in islamic way


As salaam allaikum
Im from the family of dhahees. So alhamdulellah almost 1 year ago 2 non muslim brothers and 1 sister REVERTED to islam. I insha allah wanted to marry that girl. As her parents beeing non muslim so they are no more her walli so i went to that girl and told shal i marry you? She said insha allah lets get married. My parents everywell know those reverted friends. But stil i ddint day to that i have interest in marrying that girl. Im damn sure insha allah if i say this to my parents they wil be happy enough about my decision of marrying a reverted girls. I know the procesure of marrying her in islamic way everywell. I know whom to make as walli for her and everything im clear. My question is. I want to marry her now. She is from srilanka studying colege in india. We both wanted to get married now before she goes back to her country. But i dont want to tel my parents about our married as v r only about 21 years though my paremts wil accept but they wil say me to wait til age of 24 years. But if she leave the country without marrying me she fears wheather her kafir parent wil force her to marry a kafir guy. so now i cant tel to my parents also i camt send her back to her country without marrying also. please help me in my doubt. Shal v both get married in government register office under the special married act. Is that allowed in islam for two muslim to get married in register office. We hav no other way but sure at the age of finishing colege ill say to my parent and arrange for a beautiful ISLAMIC MARRIGE IN ALLAH HOUSE(MOSQUE) but before that shal i marry her in register office???? Please help me in the way of islam.

Wallaikum As Salaam!

Islam recognizes marriages performed with rituals and witness from all sects of religion and
as per Koran when non Muslim wife wants to revert to Islam and marry a Muslim, the Koran
clearly commands the Muslim to pay the Mehr to the non Muslim husband and then marry the non
Muslim wife after she reverts.

So,the revert girl's non Muslim parents/Uncles can be witness to the marrige of their reverted

However, as she is from another country and you being an Indian, I sugeest you should tell your
parents as well as her parents about the marriage and then proceed to marry to avoid any unseen
developments from the reverted girls non Muslim parents in Sri Lanka if you marry her without
their knowledge.

Am sure you are old and mature enough to take the right decision as per my above adivse and
also after reading/stuying Koran on marriages.

May the Almighty Allah have mercy on us to forgive our sins and guide us all to the the true
path of Islam as per the Koran.  


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