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Salaam walaykum,

dear brother in islam i wanted to marry a good looking muslim girl & deeni muslim girl

now im india. i dont like india>> i love pakistan iran or soudi arabia>>her ein india not much support for muslims

im converted muslim from christianity. >> kindly give some idea or information related to marrying good muslim from arab world ort in dia.

>> here muslim girls are not so merciful in thier mind even they are merciful lot of competition for that>> im engineer in my profession earning good>> i can any amount for getting good girl

>> i can take any risk or effort to achieve a good muslim girl to safe guard my spiritual life>> masha allah i waited long time im in 34

>> i not know y god delayed my marriage

>> now my issue getting good quality Muslim

>> abut me im continuously improving my spiritual life>>>

i love to do namaz and read quran>> kindly tell how my marriage can happen in Arab world or in Pakistan>> i love to be a Pakistani

> but my country is India>> here Indian Muslims girls are not so kind or merciful broad minded as like as Pakistani>>

some how i have to get good Muslim girl
>> im very helping tendency person

ill help to others in every way

>> now my mind is not working

>> kindly show some way. im sincerely praying

>> gos has to be mercy on me

Wallaikum As Salaam!

Al-Humdulillah that you reverted to Islam and want to profess Islam as per the Koran. Inshallah
you will if you read and understand Koran in the language you best understand.

First of all, in Islam one has to love & be loyal to one's birth country and if you want to be
a good Muslim, then you have to understand that you are born and brought up in India and what
ever be India, you have to love it & strive hard to contribute towards making it surge forward
as one of the greatest democratic country in the world for our future generation.

Am an Indian Muslim and I love India for many reasons compared to other nations where they are
hardly tolerant to other religions which is against the teachings of the Koran.

In India, even as minorities we can voice for any oppression or discrimination or any kind of
bias towards minorities and the Supreme court verdict on sensitive issues are well respected
among all sects/religions in India and outside the world.

Give me any countries name that had 3 minorities Muslims Presidents (and a couple of Vice Presidents as well as Chief Justice of India) but India had, who rules Bollywood presently
the Khan's and likewise other minorities communities of Christians, Sikhs and other minorities have occupied/occupying place of prominence in the Government of India unlike most countries where minorities are kept aside.

For example, take the case of Pakistan on the situation of Shia's Ahmedias and Hindus, but am
sure theses minorities still feels proud to be Pakistanis despite difficulties being faced &
fighting for their rights as Pakistani minorities.

Am sure, some minor incidents in your life would have made you feel this way towards India and
am sure as a good Indian Muslim you will change your opinion on India in a positive manner
soon Inshallah.

Coming to your marriage, 32 is not late but it is the right time you can marry, why do you want
to marry a Pakistani or an Arab, how do you know that they will be like what you want as they
are from a different country with a different culture/traditions to ours.

Do not look at Indian prospective minority girls with a fixed mind as there are lot of Indian
Muslim and Christian girls that you can choose from and propose through your family.

Inshallah you will find the right girl in India itself to live a happy married life in India.

Have faith in the Almighty Allah and Inshallah all will fall in place in your life.

May the Almighty Allah have mercy on us to forgive our sins and guide us all to the true path
of Islam as per the Koran.  


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