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"dear sister i really very upset these days nothing is going in right direction my father got heart attack in last week n he is not in very healthy condition

my brother is pursuing but he got failed in all subjects
my husband is facing many problems in his job and it is being tough for him to find a new job
i am jobless besides i also have good experience in my work field
i dont know what's going on please suggest some solution i am in great tension we husband and wife use to fight daily but thats not good as its just 6 months we have been married and my husband is lovely helping and caring guy?
please suggest some solution to my problems please"

As Salaam Alaikum!

As Muslims we are commanded in the Koran by the Almighty Allah to wish first with a 'Salaam'
whenever we come across or write to each other.

Well, as people ages in today's world Cardiac, diabetics, respiratory and other ailments are
common, so do not relate or time your Father's heart attack to the series of unpleasant events
happening around you presently.

Check with your Brother, why he failed, even if Father's heart attack would have disturbed
him during the exam's time if it had happened during that time. Ask him to give his best shot
in the next attempt.

What's that your husband facing problems on his job front, yes now a days especially the IT
Industry is facing quite a few problems and trying to cut down manpower cost, so let him hang
around in the current job as job's in the present economic down trend will not be easy to come.

Same applies to you, so in whichever field you have experience, don't just look around for a
job in that field, keeping the present circumstances in mind take up whatever job you get.

And coming to husband and wife squabbles/arguments and flaying of tempers is basically due to
above events, and it is during these times you both have to gather yourselves to support each
other to over come the problems that will strengthen the bond between you both.

All these are a temporary phase as nothing is permanent and further the Almighty Allah never
allow hardships upon any one beyond their endurance.

Be steadfast in Salat, Zakat, fast and read Koran in the language you best understand to apply
in your daily life leading a righteous life & Inshallah everything will come back to normalcy

May the Almighty Allah have mercy on us to forgive our sins and guide us all to the true path
of Islam as per the Koran for rest of our life.


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