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I've been wearing hijab for almost 20 years. And I believe that hjiab is Islamic dress. But now i am really confused about the dress code of Islam.
Last weak I visited at Ibiza beach. Everyone was tanning and about 60% females there was either topless or completely nude.... .Some of my muslim friends are also there.
I asked them they should wear hijab
But they told me to remove my hijab and said that hijab is cultural practice not Islamic rule. They showed me two verse of quran (7:27) (24:31) where breast and private part should be covered.
And then asked me that which is Islamic dress according to quran , hijab or bikini.
I tried to find the answer in the quran but unfortunately I failed.
So pleases suggest me.

Wallaikum As Salaam!

Alhumdulillah, thats what separates you from the other muslim friends who asked whether hijab
or bikini is dress code for woman in Islam/the Koran. Yes you will not find both in the Koran,
because Koran has mentioned differently & in simple language that is easy to understand  and follow.

To some extent your friends are right, hijab/Jijab are the cultural & traditional practices
that were followed even before the rebirth of Islam in countries like EU, Asia, Africa & few
other countries that still follows now mostly in Muslim dominated countries of Arab world and
Persia (Iran), Asia but unfrotunately on a wrong notion of Islamic complusion.

In the Koran, the below verses clearly mentioned what parts of the body has to be covered and
the lenghthening of the garments,righteous garments to separate the righteous believing woman
from the rest.

7:26-27 & 31; 24:31, 33:59; 7:22; 20:21.

First of all the Almighty Allah clearly mentioned that garments are made to cover the body &
not certain parts of the body only.

Please note, when Adam and Eve bodies were exposed, they tried to cover their bodies with
leaves and not certain parts of their bodies.

And when the woman is asked to cover her chest and can relax this code of dress infront of her
husband and other relatives/servants mentioned in the Ayat, it doesnt mean that she can walk
around topless.

It means apart from what ever the outer garment she wears, she has to ensure that she covers
her bosom over & above the outer garment in order not to reveal the shape/size of the bosom
to other than the people mentioned in the Koran.

Just hypothytically, if the verse is interpreted that the woman is asked to cover from head to
toe, then what is that she can shake and reveal certain details of her body while walking or
striking the feet on the ground with her body fully covered from head to toe.

And if your friends believe Bikini is the dress code mentioned in the Koran, then what garment
the verse is talking about to lengthen the garment.

And finally, the Almighty Allah is asking to dress nicely when one goes to Masjid, it means
everything, decent garment, well groomed and with some fraganance applied as we stand along
side each other.

Now, based on the above verses, you decide what is the righteous garment the Almighty Allah has
asked the women to wear and start wearing those that makes you feel comfortable to ensure that
you are not revealing your body to attract other men.

And lastly, its your decision to wear the hijab or discard it since it is not a compulsion as
per the Koran or Islam and if you continue to wear then wear it because its a cultural custom
or traditional compulsion but definitely not because of Islamic/Koranic compulsion.

By the way which origin you are and if you have whatssap, wechat,viber or tango, you can add
me to send and recieve questions/answers fast.

The cell # is +919849026154.

May the Almighty Allah have mercy on us to forgive our sins and guide us all to the true path
of Islam as per the Koran for rest of our life.


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