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I have a question and mean no disrespect. but I was wondering for a long time, seen this site and thought to ask,
For years I've often wondered what did Islamic women use to wash their face. Most all Islamic people I've seen have the most beautiful flawless skin I've ever seen.
I was told to use Black soap, but don't like that. I think there's more to what is used or something else. I wondered if you could tell me what is the facial products or oils/soaps facial regiment and diet used of most Islamic women?
Thank you

As Salaam Alaikum Cheryl!

Well, your question can be answered only if one is widely travelled, experienced along with
wisdom and commonsense. As am blessed with all the above, let me make an attempt.

First of all, the Arab and most Asian Muslim woman cover their face and hair thus making it
lesser sun burnt directly under the Sun unlike other woman from other communities.(though the
covering of face and head to toe is more a cultural & traditioanl customs that got attributed
wrongly as a religious compulsion in Islamic and Muslim dominated countries).

Secondly, as most of them observe 5 times salat, washing of face, hands and wiping of hair
during 5 times of ablution keeps the skin and hair free of pollutants and also ensure removal
of make up etc. that has chemicals especially before going to bed.

Most Arab woman use almond & black seed oil for facial and body massage that you can try too
but at the same time they are heavy consumers of dry fruits like Almond,Pista, dried appricots
& figs along with poultry and meat diet well cooked in Olive oil. But this diet also depends
on a country's climatic conditions isn't it.

So with what ever experience and knowledge I have in the Arab World & other Muslim dominated
countries, I can decently attribute the above reasons for their flawless smooth glowing skin.

Lastly but not least in holy books it says that the faces of the persons who sincerely and
truely contact the Almighty at regular ordained intervals glows for ever.

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viber or whatssap.

May the Almighty Allah have mercy on us to forgive our sins and guide us all to the true path
of Islam as per the Koran for rest of our life.  


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