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QUESTION: Dear Brother, Salam, hope you are fine by the grace of Allah.
I had to describe the whole situation for your better understanding.
I was living alone apart from my family in another town for the purpose of job. I was sharing foods and the same house (other rooms) with another family. The women I was living with is divorced has one daughter (who is married and living with her husband in another town) and a son. Things was going fine but one night she came at night in my room and wanted me to made her but I refused. She tried and succeeded after third night to get what she wanted. I never thought that something can happen like this because I was calling her aunty and she was 40 and I was 30. I know that it is forbidden by Allah and I had never done any forbidden things before.
I tried a lot to get realize from her but now I feel like sympathy about her because she really loves me and want me to get marry which will never accepted by my mother and the society. My mother wants me to get marry to a girl of her choice and me too. I am living with my mother and brothers now.
Please tell me what should I do in this situation? Is Islam allow me marry her in secret? Can I keep her as my wife? How can I get refuge from this Haram and punishment of Allah?

ANSWER: Wallaikum As Salaam!


What she had done is wrong, luring a young bachelore into premarital sex despite having a
married daughter and a grown up son.

What has happened has happened and there is no going back except both of you start seeking
the Almighty Allah's forgiveness.

Well, coming to marraige, first of all there is big age difference and after 5 years or so
she will enter into menopause and at this age it is difficult for her to bear children.

Secondly, she is in love with you but you are not and it is only out of pity you are thinking
of marrying her and also to overcome the guilt of committing the sin.

Lastly, no parents will allow their son to marry a woman who is so much old and having a
married daughter who herself a mother and a grown up son. Even the Society we live will in
will not accept this kind of marriage and she will be looked down up on her back.

Keeping, all these in mind and that now you are living with your parents, just forget
everything and think about marrying a girl of our and your mother's choice Inshallah.

As far as she is concerned, if she is unable to control her physical feelings and having
problems of loniliness, then she should advertise in the matrimonial for either widower
men or divorced men who are as old as she if not older than her to get married.

That's the best for both of you, but continue to seek forgiveness of the Almighty Allah
every day/night for the sin committed.

May the Almighty Allah have mercy on us to forgive our sins and guide us all to the true
path of Islam as per the Koran for rest of our life.

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QUESTION: Brother Salam

I have tried my best to escape from her but the situation is that I am unable. She lives close to my house and she cheat me in various way to get close to me. It's really hard for me to move another place because I have lost my job and I have financial crisis.
In this circumstances, can I marry her with the approval of her guardian but without my mother's consent?

You have given the previous solution which is perfect but I want you write me little more again. Please.

I have fasted whole Ramadan, prayed whole night, read and completed Quran, please keep me in your prayer so that I could get the mercy of Allah and find the right way.


Wallaikum As Salaam!

Well, she trapped you by giving you sexual pleasures which is haraam,
And what u are thinking of doing is equally worse by maaryi g without a
job which means you are using exploiting her financially I/o of supporting

If you trust me please call me to give you a better solution. My cell is 9849026154.

May the Almighty Allah forgive our sins and guide us to the true path of Islam for rest
of our life.


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