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Assalam Alaikoum wa Rahmat Allah,
My mom noticed, on a day, that she got her period by noticing a small drop of blood, so she didn't perform the prayers of that day. The next day,she didn't notice anything and it looked like her period time didn't come yet. And now she doesn't know what to do. Please help, and thank you.

Wallaikum As Salaam!

Well, it may sound very difficult to accept what am saying here but Inshallah if one reads the
Koran and follow only Koran, this will be understood and acceptable.

In fact, the Koran is very much silent on the menstruation when it comes to Salat, but has in
no uncertain terms commanded not to have sex during menstruation.

Hence, it is clear that the man has put this restriction on the woman to stop offering salat
during the menstruation and not the Almighty Allah.

A woman can offer salat, if she can clean herself and wear a new pad before every salat even
during the menstruation period.

And in the present situation or in the event of a similar situation in future, Inshallah she
can offer salat without any hesitation.

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May the Almighty Allah have mercy on us to forgive our sins and guide us all to the true path
of Islam as per the Koran for rest of our life.


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