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QUESTION: Assalamu alaikum

My question is :

If someone wanted to convert to Islam what should (he/she) do ??

ANSWER: Recite shahada.
Believe in the One God Allah and the final messenger Muhammad.


Take a ghusl or bath before.

Say this testimony in front of a Muslim.

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QUESTION: Thank you for answering my question sir  .


-Should (he/she) say the Sahadah (testimony) before the ghusl or after ?

-What are the first things they must know about Islam ?

-Should they  announce that they entered Islam ?  

-Are there specific places were they can learn about Islam ?


I'm asking these questions because i want to invite my foreign friends to Islam , so please tell me if you have any advises .

Make it simple.
Once they accept God as One and Muhammad as the messenger then they are Muslims. they can recite the Arabic shahada in front of you and give them some website and the Quran the read. Ghusl is not mandatory.
Islam is learning process for he rest of their life. has soem good info and


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