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Dear Brother

Here are some questions raised by a non Muslim friend and to give them an authenticated answer I need your help

1)Why do you need to look the moon to decide the end of Ramadan? The science is able to preview, for instance, the exact moment of the moon eclipse for the next 100 years. Why Muslims do not believe in science?

2)Why the end of Ramadan is not happening in the same calendar day all over the world?

3)Why, during the Ramadan, you must fast during the sunny time, but after the sunset you may eat a cow and a cheap if you feel like?

It would be great if I get an answer from you so that we can guide our non muslim friends

As Salaam Alaikum!

As Muslims we are commanded in the Koran to wish each other with a Salaam whenever we come
across each other.

Well, don't you think to represent true Islam we as Muslims project it correctly through our
actions as per the Koran.

1 & 2) Before explaining, why dont you ask yourself why we Muslims are still dependent on
sighting of the moon for beginning and ending of Ramadan month.

The answer is most Muslims are not educated now a days and lot of illeracy has set in the
Muslim's community.

Who said Muslims do not believe in science, if Muslims do not believe in science then we are
not respecting and beleiving the Koran verses on the creation of human life and the universes
as well as what ever that exists in between/surrounding the earth and the heavens.

Well, if we Muslims all over the world unite together and come to an understanding that we will
follow the begining and ending of Ramadan month through scientific tools available now and at
the same time keep traditions of sighting the moon wherever the sky is clear & where ever not
sighted then communicate each other around the world through the telecom gadgets available now.

Dont you think this will ensure beginning and ending of Ramadan month on the same calender day
where ever Muslims live in the world.

And lastly, fasting is a way to keep your biological system in order as well as to create a
control on your anger/energies, sexual urges during fasting time and to know what hunger is
so that we will help those who may not have 2 sqare meals in a day.

If someone eats a cow and ship after breaking fast, then he is doing more harm to his body by
being a glutton after breaking the fast.

And for your information fasting has been there even before the rebirth of Islam and the non
Muslims do knkow about fasting but was corrupted over ages/times by having either juices/water
& avoid chewing foods only during fasting time as well as reduced number of fasting days.

Are you an Arab and a Saudi national?

For faster replies and asking questions you can add my cell # +919849026154 either on Viber or
Wechat or Tango or Line.

May the Almighty Allah have mercy on us to forgive our sins and gide us all to the true path of
Islam as per the Koran for rest of our life.


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