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What does Islam say about romance? Are there any couples/love stories in the Koran (like Boaz and Ruth in the Torah)?
Do Muslims have a courtship process or are the couple expected to fall in love after marriage?

As Salaam Alaikum Rose!

Your name reminds me of the Titanic heroine.

Well, the Koran speaks out about incidents of the past that has a message to the mankind and
about living a righteous life with warnings to those who strays & walk in the Satan's path.
And some important incident of major prophets that has brought major changes in the beliefs &
social system. And also certain basic principles for the mankind that will not change as per

Well, many a religious books has stories of romance and go the the extent of sexual encounters
which am sure the man would have corrupted the same for his own convenience.

For example, King David Psalms are there in the Bible and at the same there are stories how
King David manipulated to have Bethsheba which is difficult to digest/accept as how can a god
fearing one/nearer to god can stray in this way.

Bible also speaks of King Solomon's 1000 wives and romance with Queen of Sheba. Do you think
these stories would inspire or despair anyone who reads it, what significance or message do these
stories give to the mankind now.

Why should word of God speaks about the woman encounters or sexual escapades of people who
are revered now. It doesn't sound logic.

So,on this basis, Koran do not speak of any romantic stories that do not have a message to
mankind and neither deny previous scripture love stories that has a message to mankind.

But no where in the Koran prohibits romance or falling in love, just use the logic how and why
the Almighty mentions/prohibits about love or romance which is created as a natural feelings
in a human being.

And evry human being falls in love with each other at various stages of life from adolescent/
teens to the advance stage in life but each has a different reasons of falling in love which am
sure you will agree that I need not elaborate on this.

For a moment, just think if Ruth and Boaz's stories were not mentioned in the Torah, do you
think Jews wouldn't have believed in love or falling in love.

Same goes to the followers of the Koran, as love is a natural feeling, so people may fall in
love before marraige and after marriage but will have different reasons like infatuation of
falling in love for each other's looks, actions and for acts of kindness towards each other.

Religious books talks about the right and the wrong path that has consequences on the day of
judgement and the human being is free to chose his own path.

What made feel that followers of the Koran will not love or fall in love? Are you Jewish?

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May the Almighty creator of all the universes and in-between the heavens and earth forgive or
sins and guide us to the right path mentioned in the religious books.  


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