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"A salam alaikoum, my name is B and I am 32 years old. I have been married to a christian man for little over 10 years now. To tell the truth it has been the biggest mistake of my life. We have two boys. At first he was willing to convert to islam. But fort the past few years he changed his mind, and worst he do not want me to take the kids to the mosque. I know what did is not allow in the musilm religion but what can I do now to fix this at least for my kids to be safe. I currently do not love him, can't stand him and we have been sleeping in separate rooms for a year and half now. I want a divorce even though I am scared. I need Your advice please help me in my decision process. I am confused, depressed and feel like I have ruined my kids life. Please help me. Thank You.

This is indeed cruel. You have every right to leave. Safety comes first. You have every right to practise your own religion. Report any fear to the authorities.

In Islam a woman has the right to get her marriage dissolved if the man abuses her and refuses divorce.  


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