Please help cos this issue making life hard.

Dear brother i have ocd which made my life mesriable for past two year.

Before the last two year i didnt have enougj knowledge of purity in islam and i took that issue very lightly but now inunderstand and follow it corrctly to best of my ablity. But what it did in my past is hunting me.

Dear nrothe when inurinatr some urine come out for few minutes. I use to put tissue on my private part but when i had ocd and it drop a on floor snd washing was too much for me i stop it. So i use to have najis underwate and when srmen touch underware and then trouser i thought i doesnt becamr najis. But recently i came to urine and semendoes thing najis. Now i live in that star for sometime so most of the thing in my jouse are najis. Like blanket bedshhet my cloth jumper what ahould i do. Washing thrm all would be impossable.!

May Allah reward you, for your good work.!

Dear Brother,
See the fact is i am assisting you as much as i can but still the same questions are being repeated. Therefore i suggest you to take help from your family member.

Also you can decide on your own - read the quran and the hadith which you can download from the following link.



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