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Assalamu alaikum,
I am Muslim. I became Muslim when I was 17, alHmdulillah!  That's 23 years ago.  My situation is this:
I have always been attracted to men, ever since I was a child.  I have never been attracted to women. I cannot get married, or at least I would be unable to consummate the marriage. Of course I have asked and begged from Allah to make me straight and as you know, I did not become straight. I haven't lost faith in Allah, washukrlillah, because I know that if Allah(SWT) saw this as problematic, Allah(SWT) would change it. So, Ive concluded that it must be Muslims who have been heavily influenced by Judeo-Christian dogma that have misinterpreted the Qur'an, stigmatising homosexual people. Now I'm not saying that legalising gay marriages and tralalalling up and down the street announcing sexuality is correct either. But take for example, my attraction to men...if I were to be physical, but not sexual, how is this a problem? If I were to be in love with another man, but did not engage in acts of could shari'ah hold me accountable for nothing. IF I did engage in a sexual act, of course it would be entirely private, and only between my rabb(SWT) and myself, how could shari'ah hold me accountable for nothing other than speculation and guessing, when that type of spying is not acceptable and making accusations based on conjecture is not Islamic?
Please akh, talk to me.  Also, give me suggestions on where to go.  I am from the U.S. And would prefer hearing the azan every day in the streets. Allahu Akbar!
Wa salaam


Alhamdulillaah Presently I am very very busy Inshaa Allaah - So, I apologize for not being able to answer your question at this time - please forgive me for that Inshaa Allaah-  as soon as I have some availability , I will try to answer your question Inshaa Allaah -however, please do not hesitate to send me a reminder  Inshaa Allaah

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