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My sister has made a mistake and is now pregnant without marriage with her muslim boyfriend. Our parents will not have anything to do with her and they have told her to abort it.

He has said he will marry her but it is impossible, he has no financial means to do so and is homeless himself.

She wants her baby to be born halal with a mother and father, she does not want to give birth unmarried. She does not want her baby to be shamed in society due to her sin.
There are also risks that the authorities will take the baby once born due to her partners violence.
Surely the baby is better with God than with authorities?

She is bright, has the ability to lead a better life with an excellent career that she may do more for Islam that way.
Should I advise her to abort the baby and repent or should she keep it regardless of whether she is married and the situation?

Bismillahir-Rahmanir-Rahim (In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful)


Dear Sister,

I am sorry to learn about your situation. There are 2 options.

1. Marry the person immediately and give birth to the child
2. Abort the child - but then life will be full of guilt and before abortion once has to make sure the fetus is not living ( still in its initial stage )

No matter how bright she is - she has fallen trap to satanic things.

what to do after zina/adultery/

[Quran 3:133] And march forth in the way (which leads to) forgiveness from your Lord, and for Paradise as wide as are the heavens and the earth, prepared for Al-Muttaqun (Pious or God fearing)

[Quran 3:134] Those who spend in prosperity and in adversity, who repress anger,and who pardon men; verily, Allah loves Al-Muhsinun (the good­doers).

[Quran 3:135] And those who, when they have committed Fahishah (illegal sexual intercourse or major sins) or wronged themselves with evil, remember Allah and ask forgiveness for their sins; - and none can forgive sins but Allah and do not persist in what (wrong) they have done, while they know.

[Quran 3:136] For such, the reward is Forgiveness from their Lord, and Gardens with rivers flowing underneath (Paradise), wherein they shall abide forever. How excellent is this reward for the doers (who do righteous deeds according to Allah's Orders).

[Quran 3:137] Many similar ways (and mishaps of life) were faced by nations (believers and disbelievers) that have passed away before you (O Prophet Muhammed), so travel through the earth, and see what was the end of those who disbelieved.

[25:68] And those who invoke not any other god along with Allah, nor kill such person as Allah has forbidden, except for just cause, nor commit Adultery/Fornication- and whoever does this shall receive Athama/Punishment.

[25:69] The torment will be doubled for him on the Day of Resurrection, and he will abide therein in disgrace.

[25:70] Except those who repent and believe, and do righteous deeds; for those, Allah will change their sins into good deeds, and Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.

[25:71] And whosoever repents and does righteous good deeds; then indeed he has repented to Allah Mataba (with acceptance).


Its my duty to help those in need. You are free to ask as many questions as you like.

If you are not convinced or feel the answer did not address all your questions, pls write back immediately without any hesitation. Please do forgive me if there is an unexpected delay in replying.


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( Note: I am not a mufti, if you are in doubt or want 100% accuracy please verify the above hadith with an authentic personality. However I have not altered any hadith and presented it as and how it was found. May Allah forgive our mistakes from time to time...ameen.)


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