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Assalam o Alikum Warahmatullah e Wabarakatuhu
May Allah's blessings be upon all of us.

I am Jawad Kashmiri from Karachi, Pakistan. I am a Muslim by birth but recently about a year back i wanted to be a Muslim by choice and i started to read the translation of the Holy Quran and ahadeeth, but this has gotten me into some confusion.

Following are some queries and i hope you guys will respond...

1) 5 farz Salah in a day, how many raka'at in each Salah?

2) vitar Salah a part of Isha salah?

3) At least how many Quranic verses in one raka'at?

4) I don't offer Sunnah Salah, i rather do the niyyat for Nafil Salah, because i don't understand how can sunnah salah exist? What niyyat would Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W.W) for sunnah salah?

5) What is the maximum time for every Salah?

6) Offering taraweeh Salah at home is better than offering at Masjid?

Above are all the questions i have in my mind about salah. I have questions about other topics as well, if i get i reply to this email Inshah Allah i will ask other questions as well. Please support your answer with Sahih Hadeeth. I hope you will reply and if you can't reply, forward this email to the respected department or tell me where to get these answers.

Thank you very much
Fi Amanillah

1   2 fajr   4 zuhar  4 asr  3 magrib  4 esha

2  witr is not a part of esha
3 1 verse that is long or 3 shirt verses per rakat is required along with sura fatiha which is 7 verses.
4 all sunnah are realy nafl except its something that was done before by the Prophet and his intention was nafl and not farz salah.

5 Max time for salah ranges from 1.3 hr to 2 depends where you are and what time of the year.
Look for a timetable on

6 praying taraweeh in the masjid is better as that was the sunna but it should be prayed anywhere regardless.  


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