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السلام عليكم

I've heard that in Sūrat Āl-Imrān Allāh Ta'āla speaks to Musa (PBUH) from inside a mountain but I can't find it at all.

Is my info wrong, perhaps? If not, where exactly does this event take place?

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As Salaam Alaikum!

It's not in Al- Imran but in chapters 20(Al Taha,27(Al Naml),28(Al Qasas) and 7(Al A`araf)that
you find below the verses.

The conversation between the Almighty Allah and Prophet Moses is mentioned in chapter 20 Al Taha from verse 10-47.

Recall that Moses said to his family, "I see a fire; let me bring you news therefrom, or a torch to warm you."
When he came to it, he was called: "Blessed is the One (who is speaking from) within the fire, and those around it." Glory be to God, Lord of the universe.
"O Moses, this is Me, God, the Almighty, Most Wise.
"Throw down your staff." When he saw it moving like a demon, he turned around and fled. "O Moses, do not be afraid. My messengers shall not fear.
When he reached it, he was called from the edge of the right side of the valley, in the blessed spot where the burning bush was located: "O Moses, this is Me. God; Lord of the universe.
"Throw down your staff." When he saw it moving like a demon, he turned around and fled. "O Moses, come back; do not be afraid. You are perfectly safe.
"Put your hand into your pocket; it will come out white without a blemish. Fold your wings and settle down from your fear. These are two proofs from your Lord, to be shown to Pharaoh and his elders; they have been wicked people."
28:33He said, "My Lord, I killed one of them, and I fear lest they kill me.
"Also, my brother Aaron is more eloquent than I. Send him with me as a helper to confirm and strengthen me. I fear lest they disbelieve me."
We summoned Moses for thirty* nights, and completed them by adding ten.* Thus, the audience with his Lord lasted forty* nights. Moses said to his brother Aaron, "Stay here with my people, maintain righteousness, and do not follow the ways of the corruptors."
When Moses came at our appointed time, and his Lord spoke with him, he said, "My Lord, let me look and see You." He said, "You cannot see Me. Look at that mountain; if it stays in its place, then you can see Me." Then, his Lord manifested Himself to the mountain, and this caused it to crumble. Moses fell unconscious. When he came to, he said, "Be You glorified. I repent to You, and I am the most convinced believer."
He said, "O Moses, I have chosen you, out of all the people, with My messages and by speaking to you. Therefore, take what I have given you and be appreciative."

May the Almighty Allah have mercy on us to forgive our sins and guide us all to the true path of Islam as per the Koran for rest of our life.


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