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Good morning sir,

Hope you remember me as I have consulted you quite a few times now I am a hindu girl and non idol worshiper (believe in one god) and I told you how I love a muslim boy and we have decided to marry him but before that I am researching  alot on islam so that i can whole heartedly accept its beliefs.
I really want to know can we not do namastey aur do pranaam by touching feet of our elders. Is it haraam, even though we consider it just a gesture to show respect and there is no way in our heart to make or consider that person equivalent to god?  the person I wish to marry told me Islam doesn't permit namastey as well as pranaam, but since childhood i am following my cultures its very difficult to see an elder in front of me and not touch his/her feet.
it also has scientific significance "According to modern science, a human body contains negative and positive currents of electricity. The left side of the human body carries negative current and the right side of the body has positive current at the time of bowing The vertical body parts in that case are in the opposite direction. The left side of the elder shall be in front of the right side of the disciple. In other words negative in front of positive. Keeping in view of this fact, our Rishis in ancient times have suggested the salute of touching feet by crossing the hands, i.e. right hand touches right foot and left hand touches left foot of our elders. Thus the positive current in both flows in an uniformed circuit and in simulate way negative flows jointly in a circuit. Thus both the currents form a well-unified circuit."
also according to Vedas when you touch the feet of the elders you are acknowledging that you are respecting their knowledge and you will be carrying forward their teachings to the next generation. The vedas also say that the process of learning is incomplete until you start it with touching the feet of the teacher and end it by touching the feet of the teacher.
I fast every monday and offer my devotion to the almighty asking him to guide us on the right path and give his blessings so that we get the strength and sanity to take this relationship on the next level (marriage). its really tough to get our elders consent for this, i know this relation will require a lot of patience sanity maturity and hard work so develop that in me i decided to to get the strength i started offering fasts to the almighty every monday since 2.5 yrs now. After fast people take blessings of elders at home so once when i thought of touching feet of the person i want to marry, he said its not allowed, no one is allowed to bow in front of anyone except it really an offence even if its out of respect and not because i consider him god? also i wanted to know can i do full day nirjalas (no food and water whole day till the next sunrise) and take food the other day i mean not like roza where people have to eat in the evening. is namastey too not allowed?

Islam respects other religions and cultures while upholding its fundamental truths to be truthful and uncompromising.
Islam respects our conscience and says when in doubt as your conscience.
Bowing to another for worship is the biggest sin in Islam referred to as Shirk.
However if you are doing so for respect and saying your greetings its allowed. People say Allah rakha as its neither salam nor namastey.
Fasting is good and a whole day fast is allowed in your culture.
You are not doing if these things out of Islam so she should respect that.
Make it clear that you will observe your culture while staying away from shirk and he is free to practise his faith while steering clear of stopping you or making ignorant comments.
Love requires a lifetime of compromise and lots of prayers!


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