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QUESTION: As'Salaam'o'Aliekum brother,
What is the Islamic order for a man who accidentally kills someone in an accident. What is his kaffara? Please explain in detail. Thank you. Jazaka'llah kher.

ANSWER: My dear brother,
You have asked me a very good question and the answer here in below:
A person who accidentally kills another person has to do two things:

First: Pay Ad-Diyah which is blood-money (compensation) to be given to the family of the deceased. But if they forgive the killer then the compensation is dropped as in your case. The blood-money is valued at 1,000 coins of gold, or 12,000 coins of silver, or the equivalent of this in notes or 100 camels.

Secondly: An expiation is due when killing accidentally, if the killer is able to do so. The order of the expiation is as follows:

1  1) To free a believing slave.

2  2) If the killer is unable to free a believing slave, then he has to fast for two consecutive months.
Brother, Please feel free to ask to contact me for further clarification.

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QUESTION: As'Salaam'o'Aliekum,
I have understood your answer and I have 1 more question. If a person has killed 5 people in one accident, does he have to pay all five families and what about the kaffara? Does it have to be according to the number of deaths? Also if the families forgive the blood money, does he have to fast for 10 consecutive months for 5 people have been killed. Finally if accidents occur at different times and kills 5 people, will the above mentioned situation become necessary i.e. blood money according to number of deaths and kaffara according to number of deaths? Jazaka'llah Kher.

Yes brother, blood money has to be paid according to number of deaths whether occur in one place or in different places. Similarly kaffra to be given  according to number of deaths even if the families forgive or pardon the person. One is not required to fast consecutively for ten months.


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