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I am born Muslim and married to a revert. My husband has a dog since he was in university at 19 years old and now he's 36 and his dog is dying. I have said before that since he has had the dog since before we met, that I would have her as our dog. The problem now is that the dog is not eating anymore for few days now and drinking still but a little, and my husband is thinking of euthanising her for her quality of life is no more there, I am very sad I have a bond with her after 6 years living with her (I know I should'nt have in the first place, but I feel too late now as I love her dearly and will miss her very much when she goes). But I want to do the right thing in Islam. I know my husband is still fairly Westernised that "put pet to sleep when there's no quality of life" .. I have never grew up like that, all my cats before had dissapeared when they were sick or died at the vet. I feel it is wrong to euthanise as I feel it should be Allah that takes to life out of her, but she is suffering and I doa that Allah will take her life in her sleep peacefully, but it hadnt yet happen. Is it wrong to euthanise a dying dog? and what about cremation? We are living in a temporary city might move next year and living in a rental, so I cannot bury her here. My husband's city where he grew up is 5 hours drive away I cannot imagine driving the dogs body that far  to bury her close to where we will be in future. Is it haraam to cremate pet? I do not want the dog to feel any pain because that is what I have read that she would feel the pain if we cremate her, but I've no choise either to bury her in this town that husband and I have no connection to and wouldnt live here for much longer, or cremate her and bring her ash to where  hubbys hometown is. Please help me, I want to do the right thing in Islam and I don't want the dog to suffer while she's alive and when she had died. Thank you and Salam.

Feeling for a dog is human and totally Islamic. Sura Kahf gives us solace that the pet of those sleepers will be in Jannah with them.
However the laws of Sharia donot apply to animals as it applies to humans. So your method of end of life and the rites after are practical and allowable wihout any remorse of violation of Allah.
I pray your dua is accepted and your love is soon replaced with that which is better.


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