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good evening sir, this is latikaa.

.I am really grateful to all you scholars who are helping me out to clear all my doubts and misconceptions. I have fear reagarding islamic culture..please pardon me if you think whatever i am saying is against islam..because I am not at all against any religious beliefs of Islam but since I am going to marry a Muslim I really want to clarify all my doubts. Sir my maa is too pretective for me parents love me a lot and in their view Islam is not so generous especially for girls. they narrate me many stories where the hindu girl when married to a muslim guy had to face many difficulties because the inlaws were too conservative and even the food habit is something which doesnt match with hindu food habits. however the guy I love is very supportive and has assured me that he will make me understand things and if I am not convinced I wont be forced to follow the same but I really want my parents to be happy and to be tension-free. I just don't understand how to make my parents believe that I will be happy and safe.  Islam is not a religion misunderstood only by Hindus but throughout the world because some of the people who claim to follow Islam  are spreading terror among innocent people, not only of other religion but their religion as well. Kindly tell me why is it so that the most peaceful religion is the most misinterpreted and most misunderstood religion also. why is it that most people who resort to violence do it under the shade of Islam. why does allah not protecting the religion he loves so much. Kindly understand I am no where questioning allah in wrong light but these are the questions i keep on asking myself and i wont be able to love islam till i find answer for these.

Sorry for the late reply.

Hi Latikaa...hope you are well and in good spirit.

The concern which your Mother is showing is Valid. Every mother has the right to think about a bright future of her daughter. You too will feel the same once you are into motherhood.

Religious transition is of course a big risk. Since one is not familiar with the environment on the other becomes biased and starts thinking about all the negatives things that Shaitan puts in the mind and body.

However one thing is true that your transition into Islamic way of life is the best thing that will ever happen to you. However as far as demonization of islam by other groups....let me inform you that its Islam that has brought peace in this world and the other religious groups have always spread terror and destruction. You may study world history and can easily make out who has been responsible in killing humanity the most. Take for example the Nuclear Bombing of Japan and the two world wars...none of these involved Muslims at all.

Look at Mahabharta and Ramayana....they all talk about wars...where is peace ?? However I am not against any religious body or scripture....but its important what the scripture is preaching.

If the scripture is preaching all good...then there is no doubt about it, even if the followers are not practicing. The defect lies in the followers...not in the scripture.

If a group of people bang a Ferrari into the wall and they get killed...whome do you blame ? The Ferrari or the drivers ?

Allah is protecting the religion as its still pure and unique. The best protection is only for the Quran. See how many people have memorized it ? Is it possible with any other scriptures...not at all !!

Anything else please let me know.



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