QUESTION: Good evening Sir,

I am a Hindu girl and an non-idol worshipper, I firmly believe in One God and try to work hard to walk on path shown my god. I am in love with a muslim guy who also loves me a lot, we are looking forward to marry each other and so I m constantly trying to understand islamic culture and beliefs and keep consulting scholars on this site to get a clear picture of how want to lead my life. Geeta and Quaran are quite similar in their basic teachings and even Geeta doesnt prescribe idol worshipping but sir what I am curious to know is why does Islam prohibit love marriage completely. i know it instructs the girl and the guy to reach their parents and ask them to do the rishta if he/she likes someone and doesnt permit dating but sir i wanted to know in todays time of co-ed education and also during job we come across opposite gender..interact with them...and when we find their ideologies beliefs similar to ours we do get attracted to each other. like in my case...we did our college together and found every bit of our soul was just so similar, not only do we share common beliefs and approach towards life but we also found that we both are capable to strengthen each other's belief in Allah even more. we both inspire
and guide each other to take right path in life and do we have now decided to marry each other so we talk about how we are going to live with each others parents and what do we think about each others cultural backgrounds and guide each other after consulting scholars and books as to how we need to shape our future. I feel this love compassion and devotion between feels like a divine blessing (may God strengthen this bond with each passing day and it remains safe from all evil eyes). I feel its so special and we motivating each other to get closed to god each second would not have been possible if their was any satanic is  because god wanted us to be together. so i want to know if love and dating is haraam then how can it lead us to such a halal relationship. (PS. by dating i don't mean we are seeing each other and will move on if not compatible. by this term i mean we, though not formally engaged by our parents since its an inter religion relationship, we still talk and share our views  so that we can have a beautiful marriage, i definitely don't believe in casual relationships of boyfren girlfren dating and then leaving each other after time pass) so is it at all a haraam relationship??

ANSWER: As Salaam Alaikum!

Dating has sometimes resulted in marriages but most of the times not & in the process woman has
always ended up feeling that she has been used.

And it goes w/o saying most men lose interest in theier girl friend as the dating progress and
some time leads to sex that results in breaking up especially from the boy's side.

Keeping the above things in mind, do you think dating should be allowed or shouldn't, if you
say plutonic relationship w/o involving sexual acts during dating doesn't harm both, but how
many relationship you find like this and did you realize how much control both boy & the girl
has to restrain from involving physically in this young age.

Anyway, Koran did not mention about love or dating in specific due to the reason that it is but
natural to fall in love while you are young. However Koran insists boy and girl to see each
other and agree for marriage w/o any force from others.

Since you said your relationship with the boy is plutonic, I don't see it as wrong. However,
pls remember in Islam both Muslim man & woman not allowed to marry an idol worshipper unless
& until reverted to Islam.

If am not wrong you are the same person by name Deepali that have questioned me earlier on same
issue and also on shia & sunni differences.

May the Almighty Allah have mercy on us to forgive our sins and guide us all to the true path
of Islam as per the Koran for rest of our life.
is reverted

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QUESTION: thank you for the reply sir,

and no I am not deepali....I am really grateful to all you scholars who are helping me out to clear all my doubts and misconceptions. I am not an idol worshipper and I am a very religious person but sir I have fear reagarding islamic culture..please pardon me if you think whatever i am saying is against islam..because I am not at all against any religious beliefs of Islam but since I am going to marry a Muslim I really want to clarify all my doubts. Sir my maa is too pretective for me parents love me a lot and in their view Islam is not so generous especially for girls. they narrate me many stories where the hindu girl when married to a muslim guy had to face many difficulties because the inlaws were too conservative and even the food habit is something which doesnt match with hindu food habits. however the guy I love is very supportive and has assured me that he will make me understand things and if I am not convinced I wont be forced to follow the same but I really want my parents to be happy and to be tension-free. I just don't understand how to make my parents believe that I will be happy and safe.  Islam is not a religion misunderstood only by Hindus but throughout the world because some of the people who claim to follow Islam  are spreading terror among innocent people, not only of other religion but their religion as well. Kindly tell me why is it so that the most peaceful religion is the most misinterpreted and most misunderstood religion also. why is it that most people who resort to violence do it under the shade of Islam. why does allah not protecting the religion he loves so much. Kindly understand I am no where questioning allah in wrong light but these are the questions i keep on asking myself and i wont be able to love islam till i find answer for these.

ANSWER: As Salaam Alaikum!

In every religion there are bad and good people and reverting to Islam from other religion is
increasing day by day, hence other religious heads are scared.

Or else how can you call a terrorist as Islamic terrorist just because he keeps an Islamic
prefix or suffix to its outfit and the media starts showcasing this outfit with those repfix
and suffix.

If any other religion terrorist is there he is known only as a terrorist whether the terrorist
belongs to Judaism, chirstianity or Idol worship (as Hinduism is not a religion).

You follow Islam as per Koran not as per some Muslims you & your parents see or read in the

Allah is always with those who repose faith in the Almighty Allah at all times & these
faithfuls are never let down subject to their religious steadfastness is as per the Koran.

Please do not mix culture & tradtions comparison with Islam as Islam respects all cultures &
traditions so far the cultural rituals & traditions do not tantamount to shirk.

You love him as a person and if he loves you as a person then he should guide you in the way
of the Islam as per the Koran and not as per his views or his parents on Islam.

You have to read Koran in the language you best understand and follow it steadfastly and the
Almighty Allah will never allow you to go astray.

May the Almighty Allah ahve mercy on us to forgiv eour sins and guide us all to the true path
of Islam.

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QUESTION: How do i know that Islam is the best religion and Hinduism is no religion? Geeta doesn't prescribe idol worship at all... Vedas too preach to believe in one God and doesn't prescribe us to do idol worship. So if one is following the actual teachings of Geeta he/she will never commit a shirk. There are so many articles online about the poor status of women in islam and how they face injustice. I agree this is done my some uneducated people and this has nothing to do with me but ofcourse the people who surround you do affect your family and thinking. I totally agree that Islam gives at most respect to women but those who follow and preach make it worse. I wonder what should be my thinking regarding all these issues.
also I wanted to know since their is so much ambiguity and uncertainity in islamic marriage due to polygamy, what is the reality regarding that? Can I go for court marriage along with islamic marriage so as to secure my future better. I am sure Allah must have made the rules in accordance to this so that women never feel insecure but due to the followers laws become ambiguous.

As Salaam Alaikum & Juma mubarak!

Yes, one can understand your apprehension after seeing the way some of the Muslims represents

While Vedas, Puranas & Geeta do not preach Idol worship that is well known, but what about the
Idol worshiping that is rampant idolizing/categorizing numerous gods & goddesses by assigning
each with some specific belief.  

Koran has come in view of all the previous scriptures having been corrupted or distorted by
non believers and people who has gone astray.

So what Koran says, a Muslim has to follow and at the same time study the previous scriptures
and accept those that agrees with the Koran.

For example, which communication you use now, telex or SMS, definitely SMS but the at the same
one continues to keep abreast & aware of the technology used in telex.

Coming to eating habits, it's habit and liking the taste isn't it, but one hasn't tasted at all
then how one can say I don't like it. And it's upto to you what you want to eat sin;t it.

Coming to Polygamy, if some ignorant Muslims misuse this privilege that actual principle is to give a status to widows & destitute women where in other religions used to be looked down upon
as late as in this century & still exists largely in India.

You mean to say that in other religion, men do not practice polygamy, since it's illegal so
they resort to illegitimate relationship/courtship where again the woman is the loser as she
doesn't have protection from the law unlike a Muslim woman in case the man deserts her.

Coming to Nikah, it's as good as a registered marriage and a Nikanama is valid in the courts
of India as well as in the Muslim countries. In case you still have apprehensions you can also
do a register marriage apart from Nikah.

First, convince yourself that you want to revert to Islam for it's trueness after studying the
Koran and not try to accommodate yourself into Islam because you want to marry a Muslim boy
with whom you are in love.

May the Almighty Allah have mercy on us to forgive our sins and guide us all to the true path
of Islam as per the Koran for rest of our life.  


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