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Do Muslim women have to wear Hijab?

Women who choose to wear hijab do so based on a widely accepted interpretation of the Qur’an established in the formative period of Islam that references two verses in the Qur’an (24:31 and 33:59), as well as hadith (prophetic sayings) which made it obligatory for women to cover their heads and much of their body for the sake of dignity and modesty. (Hair is considered part of a woman's physical attractiveness, which is why it is also covered.) Many Muslim women choose not to wear hijab or believe it is not necessary to do so to be a pious Muslim. (There are also academic scholars of Islam who argue that hijab is not required, but that viewpoint is not accepted by the majority of traditional Muslim scholars.)

Muslims point out that covering one’s hair is also referred to in the Old and New Testaments, which is why nuns and orthodox Jewish women traditionally covered and in some cases still cover their hair and much of their body. Similarly, one would be hard pressed to find representations of Mary, the Mother of Jesus without a long, loose robe and hair covering.

While some people interpret the wearing of hijab by a Muslim woman to indicate her oppression, on the contrary, this is more often her choice— especially in the U.S.—and an indication of her devotion to Islam. It is important to remember that hijab is only one aspect of Muslim practice; it is often wrongly emphasized over more important injunctions because of its visibility. A woman who does not wear hijab may be as pious as one who does, and excel in less visible practices, such as prayers, fasting, and charity.


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