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Why do so many Muslims in the world hates America?


On the contrary, Muslims around the world generally admire America for its technology, liberty, education and accomplishments.  During the Arab Spring, protestors in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya used American social media to advocate many Western ideals, such as democracy.  However, as indicated in many polls, including a massive multiyear study by Gallup of Muslim majority countries, the concerns many people have with America relate to foreign policy issues, such as its previous support for some of these dictators, such as Hosni Mubarak of Egypt, as well as wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. This sentiment is sometimes expressed in religious terms, as with the protests by Muslims in different countries against the film Innocence of Muslims , which denigrates the Prophet Muhammad. Many American Muslims have pointed to the fact that these protests may be more related to American foreign policy and marginalization than to merely the film. Views that are critical of American foreign policy and hegemony are not exclusive to Muslims, but have been expressed in polls of many nations around the world, including European countries. Many Americans themselves are critical of American foreign policy, including the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. It is important for all people to distinguish between the actions of any government and the will of its people, which are often at odds.


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