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If Islam is considered to be a religion of peace,why is there so many conflicts among muslims?

The perception that there is a lot of conflict among Muslims is most likely based on the large number of stories in the media that focus on conflict and violence. It is important to remember however, that in general the media focuses on conflict and other bad news, even when it is reporting about local news. A person watching the nightly news in the U.S. might also conclude that there is a lot of conflict in America as well, since much of the news deals with killings, violence, and other crimes. It is also important to remember that there are 1.5 billion Muslims in the world and the vast majority of them live in peace. Where there are conflicts, they are generally due to issues of politics, power and control. Below is a basic breakdown of the causes for many contemporary conflicts.

In Iraq and Afghanistan the recent conflicts are a result of U.S. invasions. Violence begets more violence, and when there has been prolonged war as in these two countries, it is difficult to end the violence. The violence in Afghanistan has recently spilled over into Pakistan as well. In Israel/Palestine, Western China (Uigurs), Kashmir, and the Philippines there are conflicts involving people seeking independence from those they perceive to be occupiers of their land or territory. In African nations like Somalia, there are ongoing civil wars related to control of resources and power. While most of these conflicts are rooted in politics, some groups manipulate religion to support their political goals. In the Arab countries where the people have overthrown or are still trying to overthrow their despotic rulers, in places like Egypt, Libya, Yemen and still in Syria, it is important to note that most of the revolutions began peacefully, but often ended in armed conflict because the regime used brutal force to crush the protests.


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